Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ring Around the Failure

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  1. I’ll be very impressed when a spammer posts as LamebookWanker.

  2. Heh, this is a good Lamebook!

    …also, poor ‘Willaim’

  3. haha! The facebook page is gone? I guess she realized her big ass major mistake…

  4. This is awesome if it happened…

  5. With that name and that wife, “Willaim” must be used to embarrassment.

  6. Wow, some old school quality lamebook finally!

  7. dodgy competitions, should shame these guys out.

  8. This is beautiful! This is what keeps me ticking. Thanks Lamebook.

    “Good luck keep trying i never thought i would win after 9000 entries and mine was picked”
    ELL-OH-ELL! haha
    What a fucking scam, i love it!
    All that work and planning just to get your business page a few likes… and then all a sudden “Ahh fuck me in the goat ass!”

    I got busted once doing the same thing using two different nicknames in an IRC chatroom. After weeks of everyone getting to know both of me… i fooked up and started replying as the wrong nickname. Had to find new hobby.

  9. THIS! IS! LAAAAMMEBOOOK! (if only I could attach an animated Sparta GIF).

    Truly awesome stuff. Now let’s all wait another eon for another bout of awesomeness. What ever happened to that body building twat with the motorbike? Sula? Sutha ?? Some shit like that.

  10. that is classic lamebook pwnage.

  11. Haha! YES 😀

  12. unemployedlawyer

    Went to their website to see if I could sue them for fraudulent misrepresentation, but alas they are Crumpet munchers.

  13. stubbyholder, do you mean Suroor? It’s probably just gubenooj‘s alter ego…

  14. Also, the Skillens facebook page may have been taken down, but there’s still a Contact Us option on their website. Let the trolling begin.

  15. @13!!! SUROOR!!! Yes! Now THAT shit was funny.

  16. It does beg the question, since they had the sense (??) or wherewithal to Edit their post (see Edited under the Skillens post) that they didn’t just delete it ???? Oh god, I’ve become too jaded, and am looking for something wrong with this epic return to Lamebook-ness from … well.. recent Lamebook.

  17. Haha it’s real – Google has a cached view of their facebook page. Among the gems:

    Official statement
    Mrs Lynda Speers is not an employee now or at any time. Any real customer will know this, I only employ one full time member of staff in the picture, who was not allowed to enter.
    After Linda collected her prize, won fair and square, a small number of people took it upon themselves to ruin her good fortune and make comments claiming all was not right with the win.

    [Apparently this was posted before their little slip up, captured in the kodak moment above.]

  18. Contact us! Off with Skillens head.

    No alter ego, btw. Took me forever to get around to just registering one name.
    I wanted Junebug but there already was one and this was my lame attempt at being discrete.

    There are some fantastically lame and hilarious nicknames on here, well done people 🙂

  19. Nice sleuthing, Ricky. Thanks.

  20. do they sell real shit as well or is it all fake

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  22. I bet comment 21 is the Skillens rep who was sent here to defend the company’s credibility, but forgot their lines and decided to have a quick scam while they’re here :-P.

    In all seriousness though, I’m off to troll Skillens customer care.

  23. Hey, Junebug, you buttonhooked me. I didn’t know you were going to buttonhook me.

  24. Pretty awesome that Linda’s profile pic is cropped from the main pic.

  25. From: Daniel R*
    Subject: Vacancies

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to inquire as to whether or not you currently have any vacancies in your advertising department for casual actors. Although I have no such experience in acting for commercial gain, I am proficient in drinking Champagne and pretending to be somebody that I am not. I feel I could boost your sales revenue with a smile worthy of fooling anybody into thinking I’d just won valuable jewellery. I attach my current CV and would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

    -Dan R

  26. Post the CV, too, so we can see your “qualifications.”

  27. ha!! love this! That was a pretty lame attempt at covering their asses. I’m surprised they didn’t try and blame it on a Facebook error. Can you imagine how that chic felt once she realized she posted on the wrong account. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

  28. carlosspicyweiner

    Suroor’s facebook page is a very consistent source of untapped lamebook material. Even if he stopped injecting synthol & ended the bicep freakshow his douchery-filled status updates cry out for some good old fashioned internet bullying.

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