Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey Ladies!

Girls, if he is not your type, check out this guy.

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  1. Don’t go there, he’ll cheat on you with another woman!

  2. No $hit!!!

  3. Sad thing is, someone will respond to this.

  4. He is probably a scam artist from Nigeria, prison-love is the new “Exiled prince that wants you to look after a million dollars”…

    …Now if I can just have your bank account number and sort code…

  5. awww come on Rubert you think? He really does sound like a reasonable and faithful type of good guy. LOL

  6. “Meanwhile, as I wait, I’m going to try to bang this dude in the next cell, and hopefully I don’t become someone else’s bitch.”

  7. They seem like reasonable requests. It’s not like he asked for a football helmet filled with sour cream or anything.

  8. At least he’s honest.

  9. Y’know, seeing as he’s going to be spending the next five years getting pounded in the ass in prison, it seems logical to try and set some high standards for who he dates when he gets out.

  10. Gosh how on earth did such a charming clearly not sociopathic guy get stuck in prison. Clearly not because he deserved it.

  11. Lol, Weird thing is Whether it’s true or not Some Ugly sad women will respond to this, Britain is full of these strange women

  12. A woman dumb enough to fall for this fool probably doesn’t make $52K+ a year. Any woman interested in this guy, I will tell you daily how wonderful you are for only $100 a week. And I’ll send you pictures of my cats.

  13. ^ There are some very enterprising female drug dealers out there who may like to spend their free time with an incarcerated muscle-fest.

  14. Bacchante, I hope they would realize that they could find someone better.

  15. BorderlineDane

    total keeper

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