Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Excellent Point…

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  1. Yes, because she’s never seen the result of crazy people with guns. she wasn’t the one who saw Harvey Milk die after getting shot in the Dave right?

  2. If you really want to stop random killings control the psychotropic drugs not the guns. If someone’s intent on killing, anything can become an ‘assault weapon’

  3. ^ I agree. At the same time we had that horrible school incident, China had a similar incident and the dude had a knife.

  4. What an absolute waste of space. Post something good.

  5. ^ Heh. That’s exactly what I think when I see your posts.

  6. Yes, someone attacked 20 school children with a knife in China. AND NO-ONE DIED geniuses, because he didn’t have a fucking military style rifle.

  7. What’s always wierd to me is that they corolate guns being owned legally with crime rising. Yet in other countries crime is much higher despite guns being illegal, and crime is higher in countries with legal gun ownership. As far as the intentional homicide rate the US is actually pretty low on the list, unless of course you severly restrict the list to only a handful of countries. Frankly both nonviolent crime, and violent crime have been pretty steadily dropping over the last couple of decades(that includes school shootings), if you want to believe reports from the FBI. Frankly the concept of connecting inanimate objects to the causations of crime is silly. What should be looked into more closely are our mental health laws, and standards of living.

  8. ^ Agreed.

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