Monday, February 11, 2013

Mardi Gross

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  1. The guy in the back looks like the creeper version of “The Situation”

  2. I wish there were a second picture where he’s smelling his fingers.

  3. No kissing. 100% concentration.

  4. Does anyone else think the way he’s postured makes it look like he’s playing with his phone at the same time? They look bored. Anyhow, I like how people like that think they’re being sneaky while shoving their paw down some slapper’s jeans.

  5. He definitely looks like The Situation… but I’d say about the same amount of creepy.

  6. Just checking for a hernia. Turn your head and cough, please.

  7. Oh, so that’s where your beads went.

  8. Definitely on his phone.

  9. Darn man. Did not expect to find a dick in there!!

  10. Oooohhhh so that’s why girls wear stretchy pants.

  11. “The Situation” looks like he’s holding a coffee, and there’s a bottle of juice with a straw. What kind of bar is this?

  12. Look at that baby bump! Obviously her butch lesbian midwife is doing an internal exam (which also explains the juice bottle).

  13. Feeding the pony through the letterbox.

  14. He’s either looking at his phone or rearing back to a solid puking position.

  15. Eh…this is normal for Mardi Gras

  16. that must b the “bar tmi” chick…some1 needs 2 let her know her friend put that pic she was lookin 4 here

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