Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Way We Word

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  1. cockss

  2. cockwork orange lol

  3. I’m tired… what am I missing with the second one?

  4. &clue me in on the first one?

  5. CommentsAtLarge


    Steven makes a pirate joke, then Mario follows it up with a joke about women and irons. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Chuckled at the iPatch one, but I heard it delivered in pirate-speak in my head.

  6. iPatch was a semi.. ha.. but iRon as it should of been written is so over done

  7. That joke doesn’t even make fucking sense. Does he just pop up in ANY vaguely funny conversation with some line regarding women doing housework?

    ‘And guess what he said next?’
    ‘WOMEN IRON? :D’
    ‘Who the fuck invited Mario?’

  8. lol, a cockwork orange! Now that’s givin’ her the ol’ in out.

  9. How much do you want to bet that Mario is single,lonely, cries at night and has very wrinkly shirts?

  10. I’m obviously missing something in the second one. Drowning in overage? What is that supposed to be?

  11. Based off what I know of A Clockwork Orange (haven’t seen it yet), why would anyone end that sentence with a heart?

  12. Probably cos they like it, or is that too obvious?

  13. Who's That Girl?

    I get what cursormortis is saying. It’s like putting a heart after commenting that you just watched a documentary on violent rapists. It’s a little disturbing…

  14. I couldn’t watch A Clockwork Orange. I watched the first 10 minutes and then switched it off to go and have nightmares. In fact, I think I kind of judge anyone who enjoyed that movie.

  15. I LOVED the Cockwork Orange! Best movie hands down!

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    For everyone asking about the second one, he said he was drowning in overages (Cell phone charges for going over you calling or texting limits) and his friend changed it to “over – ages” old ladies(or old guys?) get it? Exactly. It wasn’t funny to me either.

  17. PeanutButtercup

    I’m with JDPower. Any ideas what drowning in overages means?

  18. Overages – the little charges (usually 10 cents per text message here in the US) that cell phone providers charge for sending/receiving text messages in excess of the messages allowed by your phone plan.

    There’s no excuse for paying overages. I thought most people had unlimited texting plans by now. Mark obviously doesn’t, therefore he must be Frodo.

  19. As much as a clockwork orange was a good film….now a COCKWORK orange…now that’s something to watch!

  20. @stretch; Mhmm, he is living in the dark ages = Frodo.

  21. lol HOOPS! That’s one flick I’d like to watch.

  22. This inspires me to adorn my skin-tight red jumpsuit and watch A Cockwork Orange, or it’s YouPorn equivalent. Whatever.


  23. @EmKitteh: If you don’t already know the story, you should definitely watch it. If you know the story, you should *still* watch it. Better yet, read the book.

  24. @Nyarlathotep

    I have a fair idea of what the story is. Perhaps I could stand to read the book, but the movie was too rapey for me.

  25. @eererbl; as much as i am a lady/respected member of society, you should SO watch it haha!

  26. Cockwork Orange sounds like a porn about a dude who beat off using self-tanning lotion for help.

  27. HOOPS: I’m a fan of porn parodies. I even own Edward Penis Hands. Now that’s a classy flick!

  28. @eenerbl: HAHAHAA I have to say i’m wating (real) old episodes of buffy the vampire slayer right now, but of course i’m thinking about buffay the vampire layer….still doesn’t stop me from thinking about ‘charlie’s anals/Lord of the g-strings/romancing the bone’ OH THEY’RE TOO BAD TO EVEN JOKE!!!!!

  29. PS. it should have been *watching…..but also, it should have been Edward Penishands……simple yet effective!

  30. ‘the bare-bitch project’ goes to far… i need my sleep! x

  31. I’m gong to have to look into those HOOPS! Romancing the Bone huh? Now that sounds promising!

    I’ve mentioned this on here before but I’m in search of that one great porn: A white dude, a black dude, a small person (they don’t like to be called midgets) and an Asian; I want a “member” comparison. A all in one film so we (I) can concur the great debate!

  32. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Apparently, there IS a porno called ‘A Cockwork Orange’. I ask why?

    Coming soon: ‘1984: Hands and Knees On The Floor.’

    On a side note, I’m a firm believer that 99.99% of books are better than their movie counterpart. Clockwork is an exception. That’s not to take anything away from the book, just that it’s a brilliant film.

    Also, in the book, Alex is 15, which makes his raping and sadistic ways slightly more disturbing. On the upside of the book, it gives a little more depth to things.

    – Oh, and that consentual threesome he has in the film with the two hot girls? In the book, they’re 12 years old, and he lures them into his house, and gets them drunk.

    Classy character, is Alex.

  33. Not surprised that there’s a Cockwork Orange, there is an Alice in Wonderland musical porno…. Anything is possible.

  34. I don’t know about anyone else, but the iPad sounds more like a sanitary product, than the latest must-have gadget, and having seen it up close the other day, I reckon if you strapped on a couple of wings, it’d be good to go on those heavy days.

  35. Paranoid Android


    Is it too much to ask that lamebook actually gives me something to distract me from work and mildly amuse me? Apparently so.

    Saying that, the American Apparel ad featuring a lady in lace is somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

  36. I don’t know how anyone can enjoy the American Apparel ads. Their clothes are consistently awful.

  37. i liked Cockwork Peach better
    Cockwork Blue sucked.

  38. @pdxtoden

    have you seen that alice in wonderland musical? cause it is only the best film ever created!

  39. @ Shipoopi: I’ve seen it. Have you seen it with the banned lezbian scene added back in?

  40. 70’s porn was golden.

  41. it’s all about seka.

  42. I’m so glad someone pointed out the ‘Cock’work orange typo because I’d actually failed to spot it and couldn’t see what was wrong 🙁

  43. Never knew the scene was banned, hmmm. and yes, golden

  44. Probably just a marketing ploy. Alice was my wife’s fav porn film.
    Yeah, Seka was great but I’ve always had a thing for Desiree Cousteau…oh and “Aunt Peg”.

  45. yah, those American Apparel ads are ridic… Today I had a mesh covered ass in my face. It was better than these posts though.. *yawn!*

  46. #8 comment made me laugh, thanks ee! I just saw that movie recently and it was brilliant. Nothing like sippin’ on some milk laced with drugs to “sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence.” If you can get past that, then you can appreciate the artistic side of the movie.
    Now, as far as the porno version is concerned, i’d imagine it’s one of those films found in discreet warehouses where kink is the norm, and not the usual kind either.

  47. cockwork orange – oompah loompah porn?

  48. shipoopi and golden – yes I have seen it and have seen the banned scene. My housemates and I use to have porn night every week since we got it for free. I’ve seen some weird things.

  49. I’ve never heard the iRon one, it made me chuckle for a whole two minutes.

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