Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blonde Bombed

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  1. Kevin

  2. hahaha at the last one.. mong!

  3. the last one made me laugh. Is she for real?

  4. Benjamin Linus

    Tressa and Lissa are just plain pathetic if you ask me.
    And pull yourself together Lamebook, havn’t made me laugh for a while… Sigh, i miss snuggie fails

  5. Tressa with her blonde tresses; keeping the blonde stereotype alive.


  7. krasivaya_devushka

    Omg she can’t be serious in the last one!! hahah wow!

  8. Just because someone dyes their hair blonde does not make them a real blonde. They are just an ugly Bernette who wants to be hot. They were always stupid and always will be.

  9. these are pretty funny in my book. The first one is great because you know it’s not a typo since she did it twice.

    There are a ton of good looking blondes, but NOTHING beats a hot brunette. NOTHING!

  10. WTF kind of a name is Tressa?

  11. Maybe it’s just a lucky guess, but I’m thinking Goldie is Tressa? =P
    What a bad firend you are to your bernette firend. Bernette isn’t ugly. She’s a nice woman, Goldie, you don’t have to be so mean.

  12. how in the hell did Shawna ever figure out how to use an Android?

  13. wow, brain cells are an endangered species around here…

  14. I got an account just so I could comment on this… I went to high school with Shawna and I even checked her Facebook profile to make sure it was her.

    But yes, she truly is that butt-stupid.

  15. It would still be bad but a little more excusable (if possible) if she wanted to go out at 5:45 and Derek (I keep reading as Darlek for some reason) said 6… 5:45 naturally sounds earlier than 6 anyway… Shawna the dead(brain cells)… haha my attempt at a crap joke

  16. every single one of these made me lol so hard, nice one! πŸ™‚

  17. I am sorry for being mean. I just hate dumb blonde jokes. Most of the really dumb blondes have that stupid bleach with orange skin.

  18. oh and Tressa….points for having two friends with the same name, but spelt blonde……awesome

  19. I don’t get the whole “blondes are sexy” thing… Maybe it’s because I’m Scandinavian, and pretty much everyone here is blonde, but I don’t find attractiveness to have anything to do with hair color… As long as it’s not green πŸ˜›

  20. Oh man I sort of needed this laugh thank you Shawna…. πŸ™‚

  21. MsBuzzkillington

    Shawna is totally referencing Dumb and Dumber… come on… you have to see that coming from a mile away.

    Mary: “So, you’ll pick me up tonight at 7:45?”
    Harry: “No, uh, well no I got a few things I gotta take care of first. How about quarter to eight.”
    Mary: “(Laughs)”
    Harry: “OK, 7:45.”

  22. CommentsAtLarge

    Funny, I thought it was the dyslexics of the world that were supposed to untie.

  23. Is it just me that thought their conversation went like this?:

    Shawna: I want to leave at quarter to six.
    Derek: No, 5:45? I’ll never have time to get ready before 5:45…

  24. Shawna…really?

  25. Who's That Girl?

    I’m a blonde who dyes my hair dark. It insinuates artificial intelligence.

  26. 1st one – a firend just, ummmmm made me laugh.

  27. prolefeedprocessor

    How the hell do you misspell “friend” that drastically wrong, twice?

  28. @ prolefeedprocessor:

    She’s trying to spell it phonetically… (Pronounce the “fir” part as you word for “fir tree”)

  29. Gretchen took the word out of my mouth. Just wow…..

    But I had a good laugh at Tressa though.

  30. Finally some good laughs on here! Skinner you are now my hero for liking brunettes πŸ™‚

  31. fergiehasmeanbeatzz

    Do you reckon her names actually Tessa and she just can’t spell it properly?

  32. BLONDES ARE SLUTS……………………..i joke..

  33. Or do i??????????????

  34. prolefeedprocessor


    Do people really pronounce it “fuh-rend”? That’s so weird!

    But either way they way she spelled it made me think “fire-end”, which made me think of someone lighting their farts on fire.

  35. lighting farts on fire , does that actually work ? Yes this may seem like a dumb question but I want to know and I am not going to try to do it lol.

  36. yea it does work, see on youtube

  37. @numnum

    I read Derek as dalek as well. Had a mini nerd-gasm at the thought of someone out there naming their child that. Wondered whether he had a brother called Davros.

    Then I re read it and my hopes were dashed.
    Le sigh

  38. First post

    Anyone else notice that Tressa has two friends called “Crystal”? Well they’re called Krystal and Christal to avoid confusion I guess.

  39. I third on the reading Derek as Dalek. Which brings me to recall the 3am epiphany I had a few months back. And we all know 3am ephiphanies are the best.

    Permission from fellow Lamebookers to torture a future offspring of mine with the middle name ‘Gallifrey’? My children would likely hate me anyway. I might as well start them off on the right resentment-filled foot?

  40. I’ve never seen my wife’s real hair color. I have no idea what she really is. Who does these days? That’s the dumbest thing about blondes.

  41. redheads are the best tbf!!!!!!!!

  42. HAHAHAHAHAHHAH…gotta love shawna…
    this really did brighten up my day a little more..hahah

  43. @19, I am soooo moving to Scandinavia. How long does it take to drive there from Milwaukee?

  44. Too funny!

  45. Q: Whats the difference between a smart blonde and Bigfoot?
    A: There’s a chance Bigfoot might actually exist

  46. Why did they have to make a section demeaning to blondes? I mean really. Is it that hard to not be offensive to people? I never really thought so.

  47. Stupidity comes in many shades. Platinum blonde. Natural light ash blonde. Champagne blonde. Golden Blonde.

  48. My family originate from Sweden so my hair is naturally very light. And to think I used to like being blonde…

  49. As a natural born blonde, I feel like I should be ashamed here. I have my blonde moments, but they usually occur, when
    A) I have a headache. (Brain freezes completely.)
    B) I get nervous. (Anxiety problems, so if I get panicky, brain freezes and I might blurt out nonsense.)

    Seriously, the first and the last one… Ugh. -_-

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