Monday, July 30, 2012

Lost and Found

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  1. ipod touches are fake…

  2. Correct.

  3. And you intend to sit on a couch that contained an iPod with that on it… a suede couch? Bit slow ain’t ya?

  4. ^Win.

  5. Exactly, Stubby. We all know why that couch is broken.

  6. I think we all live in fear of someone discovering what’s actually on our iPods, rather than that cool, hipster playlist we listen to in front of our friends.

  7. The fact that you have an apple product makes you uncool to begin with šŸ˜‰

  8. Niko Bellic?

  9. I wonder if John proceeded to masturbate vigorously to the contents of the cars.

  10. no Ripley. we do not.

  11. ^ Agreed. Fear is for pussies. And people with atrocious musical tastes.

  12. …and tragic fanboys who actually own an apple product to begin with.

  13. how’s your phone, Bacchante? downloaded any cool apps from the apple store?

  14. Android all the way, MsAnne… I hear that iTunes kind of fucks with a person’s library of music, so it will never be installed on any of my machines.

  15. ^ Agreed! Love my Droid and will never buy an Apple anything. Unless I’m going to eat it. And it’s a Gala apple. Fuck you all, I love you.

  16. because droid cheap and gay

  17. ^ Because you know no engrish.

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  19. heh…general consensus, android is the way to go…besides, the emulators I have installed on mine keep me plenty entertained when I’m pretending to be busy.

  20. ^’ pretending to be busy’ what? while fiddling with your phone? who is going to mistake that for ‘busy’?

  21. You’d be surprised, Ms., how fiddling with a phone makes people actually think you’re doing something productive, or meaningful.

  22. yes. I would be very fucking surprised indeed.

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