Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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  1. Jordan meet Liz, Liz meet Jordan, may u have many retarded kids.

  2. The drunk double tampon insertion thing again? Old, Lamebook, old.

    Same goes for douches using their FB status box to google shit. Old.

    I’m not even going to touch that last piece of crap.

    Lamebook, you’re being a very bad boy. Now bend over…

  3. Wordy, don’t reward them for their lameness.

  4. I thought Mexicans were classified as brown and Italians as white. Why is Jordan trying to rewrite history?

  5. Mexicans are hardworking and dirty, whereas Italians are mostly mafia.

    However, both produce outstanding daughters.

    A guy using his facebook status as a google search bar!! That’s hilarious! and look what he posted! How incredibly embarressing!

    This is so Fresh and Original! I think it’s your best work ever LameBook!!!@!!4

  7. haha oh jonjones, you made me giggle:)

  8. I see why they named it Fastbook. They were trying to pull a fast one on us. Duh.

  9. all front runner for the ‘i deserve a bamix enema’ award

  10. the ass bleeding one is fake. for it to be goolge, he knew he was on facebook, you have to hit ‘post’ such a FAKE FAKE FAKE get off here you faker

  11. the ass bleeding one is fake. for it to be goolge, he knew he was on facebook, you have to hit ‘post’ such a FAKE FAKE FAKE get off here you faker

  12. Not on mobile..

  13. still a FAKE

  14. Not only that. But even on mobile phones they show you the facebook logo at the very top.

  15. How dare they waste your precious time and try to deceive a sage like yourself.

  16. Even on mobile facebook and google are nothing alike. I don’t understand how people mistake them. Although if your ass is bleeding you should probably go to a doctor or something.

  17. Once I wanted to look up a high school friend on facebook and I almost typed her name in the status instead of the search using my iPhone. That would have been embarrassing.

    And for a long time I didn’t realise you could swipe your status to the side to delete it when using iPhone.

  18. “What to do if my ass is bleeding?”

    Just tell the hospital that Soup sent you. They have instructions and know how to deal with a butt filled with more DNA than a Down’s kid.

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  20. These are very meh so I’m going to concentrate my efforts into abusing spammers.

    Fucking fuckers fucking turning up everywhere with their cunting useless shitty wanking spam crap.

    There, I feel better.

  21. Wait… I’m Italian and I was convinced I’m white but I’m not?! I look so pale in the mirror, must be the light in my bathroom. You learn something every day!

  22. not “white,” honey…”orange.”

  23. In the event of a severe arse haemorrhage why not squat over a blank canvas and squirt the blood and other liquids into interesting ‘arty’ shapes and then display them in a gallery as works of modern abstract art?

  24. pissh. it’s been done.

  25. Even if the second one were real, wouldn’t it be much better to just leave the post and come back an hour later saying “haha, got facebook hacked”? I mean maybe you’d be too panicked to think about it but. . . jeez.

  26. If my ass was bleeding I’d take it to a vet.

  27. Hmmm why have they taken off the retard one?

    I’ve also made the mistake of looking up an old flame on facebook from my phone. It was in the status box and not the search box. Luckily I noticed right after I’d updated, and deleted immediately.

  28. ^… true story.

  29. Ha yes and also the most boring story ever told on Lamebook. Where’s my prize? My point was that I don’t think those “shit I didn’t mean to put that as my status” posts are necessarily always fake.

  30. The guy in the last post might be white – but all his kids are from Jordan.


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