Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gotta Have Faith

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  1. Thanks Bulldog, for clearing up the Bullshit.

  2. Katy, they’re both noble pursuits. Speaking of which, why aren’t you bent over my desk?

    I’m headed out to happy hour myself, ladies, I’ll keep an eye out for you.

    And, Word, I’ve unfortunately had to learn to speak “bullshit” over the years and thus can translate it well.

  3. TylerDurdenUMD

    I have to be the contrarian to the Bulldog. As someone who has, and does work with people on public assistance, there’s no reason they should be taking a cruise if they’re on the dole. Amy may pay her bills, but it’s with money she’s given by the taxpayer.

    I can’t even count how many times I would see people buy the most worthless shit with their Ghetto Visas (welfare cards), but then get out and jump into a car far nicer than mine. With what little info we have, Cazzy is fully justified calling her out.

  4. katy and ee, my cocktail hour is still many hours away. You guys will have a decent head start on me, but I plan to catch up.

    Bottoms up, girls.

  5. I would love to be bent over your desk, Bulldog. However, unfortunately, I am still bent over mine “working”. We’ll make a play date and I’ll teach you a few tricks.

    ee! T-minus 42 minutes and counting!!!

    word! I will be sure to have at least three cock(tails) in your honor 😉 Bottoms up, indeed!

  6. @Fight Club: wasn’t making any sort of pro or con argument about the whole deal, just translating.

    @Katy: A play date sounds like a simply marvelous idea. Bottoms up, indeed. 😉

  7. Hell sounds like it will be quite the party, so I’m glad I will be there. Especially if it means getting away from all the Bills of the world lol.

  8. I am jealous that everyone is leaving work…as I am here for another 2 hours and 16 minutes.

    Someone should definitely keep me entertained.

  9. looks like Bill doesn’t pay the bills either as he’s a self confessed ‘welfare loser’.

    Lol also at Bill’s repressed homosexuality.

  10. Whoa, and the religious nuts come out to play. I gotta put this out there, why (other then for my eternal entertainment) do these people have enemies on their friends list? Is it some sort of fun to have someone who obviously hates you able to post comments on all your posts? I’m not saying stop, it’s only too hilarious. Just tell me why?

  11. CommentsAtLarge


    2 hours and 6 minutes now – but be careful what sort of entertainment is available with this crowd.

  12. first one: I just died a bit inside realizing how A) Amy apparently fell for a scam B) Cazzy is that much of a bitch and has a fucked up name to go with it and C) Bill has THAT big of a tree up his ass

    owait….I just made a homosexual reference….damnit now I’m going to hell….ah well

    <lights a match) weeeee

  13. I really can’t stop myself. I guess I am just horrible this way but IceyAngel… It’s icy. :/ Unless you did that on purpose.

  14. oh I did do that on purpose, I’ve had the name IceyAngel for in excess of 10 years.

    My goal in life is to enter hell, freeze it over, and make the devil my bitch

  15. Oh good, Lol. And good luck with that. I have been banned from hell for arrogance, lust, greed and geberal misbehavior so when you meet the devil tell her I still think she’s a fat cow. 😀

  16. generl*

  17. general* Fuck me, I’m having a slow day!

  18. Icey, I wish you luck on that…and if you need a sidekick, count me in! ^_^

    Beautiful Bill Hypocrisies: “We might be losers on welfare…we’re not freeloading pieces of shit…at least I pay my bills….”; “cun+, dyke, etc etc….You are never welcome around my son because all you do is talk shit about everybody…”
    Bill, you make the rest of us look bad, you d-bag.

    My blonde (sorry to add in the stereotype!) cousin also “won a free cruise”, and she’s paying a whole lot out of her pocket. Incredible how these free cruises work!

    Honestly, I agree with Mr. Durden! I also indirectly work with people on welfare, and he’s absolutely right – how much money do you want to bet that Bill & Amy have a 50-inch flat screen?

    On a completely unrelated note, why is it that Lamebook moderates words like “cun+” (I think it does), but doesn’t blur it out on the actual post? It’s such a bother, lol!

  19. @Commentsatlarge –

    Only 5 minutes now to go! The comments usually keep me more entertained than the actual posts. 🙂 I can handle it. lol

  20. @disdain I’ll make sure to make your sentiments clear, and in my hell, your welcome 😉

    @bry More the merrier! Come join the party!

  21. I’m definitely going to hell after my visit to the convent that’s next to my place yesterday.

  22. Aye yes, eternal hell indeed.

  23. Katy, my drinks have been had, and all is well in the land of ee!

  24. Bill is lame.

  25. Since when do I live in a convent Troll?, you make a second stop on your way home from mine?


  26. lol

  27. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    Its kinda ironic how Bill talks about sin and yet he’s the one cussing and going on and on like a lunatic.

    as for the others, they weren’t even funny. they should think before saying dumb shit like that coz its creepy, even if ur not religious….it just feels wrong.

  28. @wordpervert, you didn’t have any ticks so I thought I would check elsewhere.

  29. Ah yes religion. Nothing controlling, single minded, or conformist about it.

  30. You are absolutely right Hawkbit ;]

  31. bry,

    I’d bet someone else’s left nut they have a huge flat-screen tv.

    The best were the people who would come in and go “Job? I can’t a job! I’d lose my welfare!!!”

    Now that I’m at a career as opposed to a job, it’s not much different. Every day we have people who use our company to go to medical appointments, but what they’re really doing is using us to go shopping or get out of the house. They tell us they have to see the doctor, we drop them off, and they go do their thing. So they get the taxpayer to pay for their trips to Starbucks, shopping, or whatever else they’re doing.

  32. Maybe Mary WAS pro-choice… and she chose ‘keep’?

    Sorry, annoys me when ppl assume pro-choice means anti-baby.

  33. FYI Krzygrl.

    Pro-choice DOES not necessarily mean that the woman keeps the baby. Pro-choice means being in support of abortion. It doesn’t mean that is the only option allowed in pro-choice is abortion but pro-choice=pro-abortion. Assuming that pro-choice and anti-baby are one in the same is not a far cry.

    Anti-choice means taking the option or “choice” of abortion away. Those who are not pro-choice do not believe in abortion.

    The issue can be confusing when usin terms such as pro-life, pro-death, anti-baby, etc…but in general the topic is quite murky. Ingeneral best to stay away.

    All right, all done with my rant. Sorry, annoys me when stupid people who don’t know what they are talking about open their mouths.

  34. congrats airforceFTW,

    you now have the stupidest most convoluted post i have ever read on this site.

    pro-choice means being in support of having the option of abortion. it does not mean that you are going to abort. it simply means that you want to have that option. you can be pro-choice and never ever have an abortion.

    what Krzygrl said was correct. mary could have been pro-choice and just CHOSE to keep the baby.

    sorry, it annoys me when stupid people who don’t know what they are talking about rant about stuff in a very roundabout idiotic way.

  35. FYI fucktardforceFTW

    pro-choice = wants people to have choice. Like the choice to NOT have an abortion.

    pro-abortion = wants people to have an abortion.

    Get it through your skull.

    TY to shipoopi

  36. @ iyaa:

    um, no, that’s not how it is.

    pro-choice = right to choose to have an abortion (pro-abortion)
    pro-life = right to the baby’s life (anti-abortion)

    So yeah, pro-choice doesn’t necessarily mean you keep the baby. It just means you think that people should have the choice whether or not to keep it. So yes, they could make the choice to not have an abortion, but they could also make the choice to have an abortion. It’s all about individual freedom versus authority.

  37. No true supporter uses the word “pro-abortion” because “pro-choice” sounds much better. We’re not necessarily supporting abortion. We are supporting the right of someone to choose what to do with her body.

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