Monday, August 2, 2010

I Put a Spell on You

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  1. Paint_my_nails_please

    Ass nine! LOL.

  2. My eyes are bleeding now.

  3. Full of win!

  4. LMAO at the last one.

  5. i nied 2 stp cuming 2 dis sight. deez tings r maekeing me dummer.

  6. Seriously though, as far as facepalming idiocy goes, Robert wins this round. He made me cry a little.

  7. Ass s7ben!

  8. Messages and cake for your 21st birthday. I can understand why you’re so excited, Jazmin.

  9. I don’t understand what ass nine is…

  10. *21th birthday. Apologies. I guess I’ve seen it so many times from these morons I just accept it.

  11. @GrammarPuss Tanya was trying to say “asinine”, I do believe.

  12. I had a brief fascination with emu kids as a teenager. Unfortunately I was nearsighted and ended up joining an ostrich gang by mistake. We’d spend our days running around the African savannah at great speeds and sticking our heads in the sand.

    Everything was going great until I casually asked why we never went to Australia with all the other emus, at which point I was kicked out of the gang.

  13. Emu’s are awesome.

  14. @ sensible

    the same kind of thing happened to me. at my interview for the yakuza i said the triads were really cool, and i got three ninja stars stuck in my forehead for my troubles. i also had to scrape out the ramen pan for two months at murakami’s norwegian grill in tokyo city centre for two months.

    i’m going to wait ’til i can grow a beard and i get a really good tan and join the black panthers now.

  15. Imagine what en emo emu would look like?

    Oh wait:

  16. an*

  17. LOL stephan

  18. omg, there is a username waiting to happen. “ass nine”

  19. I couldn’t get past the /n in Robert’s. What the fuck is that even supposed to be?!

  20. After cringing at all the typo’s…I had a good laugh..esp at Emu kids…the pictures in my mind…if only I could project what I envision an emu kid to look like…:)

  21. Jesus, overly patriotic groups from English fuckheads who want to kill all ‘Muslims’ (substitute word for people of ANY foreign nationality) because of stuff they read in the Daily Mail make me want to punch… the aformentioned fuckheads. And they’re ALWAYS about as well-written as… some kind of ‘deep’ emu teen poetry. But with worse spelling.

    But Lamebook, random spelling mistakes STILL aren’t funny, unless they’re written by some jackass mocking people who are shit at spelling.

  22. Dawn of the Dan

    I’m very confused by Robert’s question: “WHY did I spell wrong?” It leaves me wondering if the answer is something other than the obvious “Because you’re a moron.”

  23. 1th!

  24. I like it when spelling mistakes make me think of things I wouldn’t have normally though of on my own. Emu kids made me lol, and sensible, your stories are always great. Sorry that gang kicked you out, bunch of douches.

  25. There is an Ass Nine out there. He lives in the bronx. His buddies, Ass Eight and Ass Ten have been pressuring him to come to this site ever since they saw his name mentioned, but he thinks the whole thing is in ane.

  26. I allmost had my PhD in English studies, but they wouldn’t except my decition.

  27. my 21th bday is coming up,i can only hope to be so lucky.

    ass nine,ass nine,ASS NINE,ahahaha oh god,thats could you even think thats right…

  28. Idk what the big deal is with “21th” or any similar errors. Actually…. isn’t it proper English to write out “twenty first” when it’s the only number in a sentence?

  29. MsBuzzkillington

    haha.. ass nine. That’s great.

    I am not sure that Jazmin’s post qualifies as lame simply because she put 21th. I mean.. her entire post seems kind of normal. You wake up to see a cake and nice messages from your friends? Seems like a good start to the day to me.

  30. @asriel – only the numbers one through nine according to what I learned of the Queen’s english.
    And 21st not 21th…

  31. ass nine….thats gotta be right up there with Mario and Dreddy in idiots dictionary.

  32. caffeinejunkie42

    @IndefiniteEnd – \n is the “newline” character in some computer programming languages. He could have just hit “Return” or “Enter” twice, but instead tried to write code into his status update–another fail.

  33. It her 21th for God’s sake. Unless the cake is drug-infused, and the messages say “hot & straight male stripper coming over”, eh, I’d go back to sleep. Wait a minute… maybe that’s why she’s so happy?

    Anyway, enjoy your 21th, Jaz. If you remember to in a few years, invite me to your 30st, ok.

  34. Spelling mistakes can be hilariously funny but I can’t understand the need that some people have to fix other people’s mistakes. If someone can’t spell, you correcting them on a public forum, isn’t going to suddenly teach them anything. All that does is make you look anal.
    In fact, the only time that’s acceptable, is when you are correcting someone, who just corrected someone else. Then its brilliant! 🙂

  35. Paranoid Android

    @ BritishHobo

    I hear that buddy, fuckhead racist asshats must take illiteracy classes and they don’t even see the irony in their misspelt diatribes about ‘dem moslems’ not speaking ‘proper’ English.

  36. @IndefiniteEnd, the “\n” is HTML code for a line break. That one may have not been his fault.

  37. dirtylittlepretty

    i know it’s been said and all, but…..ass nine! hahahahahahaaa

  38. lol yay for the first time i know someone who ended up on here yay tanya and wanda lol

  39. ‘with my ferocious talons’ rofl!!

  40. I love “ass nine”. I wonder what she thinks it really means – perhaps people who are nine times an ass or they figuratively have nine asses? Hahahahahahahaha!

  41. If people think ass nine is bad, I used to think the Weezer song Hash Pipe said “I got my ass wipe.” Ah the innocence of youth.

  42. Jesus Christ, don’t they teach spelling in school anymore??

  43. This site is making me bipolar. I get happy and sad all at the same time. Anybody remember that movie Idiocracy??? It’s right on track.

  44. I made my girlfriend watch that movie “Idiocracy” with me about a week ago now… The last time I had seen it before that was about 3 years ago… And YES!!! You have a point… The world is getting more and more stupid. I am so scared of having children in this world now, because it just seems to me that the school systems are so far backwards… It damn near makes me cry to see all of these posts on here… and i’m only on “page” 168…. yikes…

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