Monday, August 2, 2010

Parental Punishment

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  1. I saw a couple of girls, about 12 or 13 years old, standing on the corner of a very busy intersection holding signs that said “We stole from Wal*Mart.” Driving by 5 hours later, they were still there. Looking horrified and devastated both times. It was amazing. I’m willing to bet they will think twice before shoplifting again. My parents tried the whole “guidance before punishment” thing and I was a WRETCHED child that didn’t grow out of it until I was in my 20s, had met my current husband, and had children of my own.

  2. dude,if my dad had just let me do that instead of all the bs punishments he came up with, i wouldve been stoked.

    i mean,there’s no way it can be effective,the shttiest part would be having to stand there,i dont see how any kid would be mortified by this,he’s just holding a sign with info that all his friends already knew…

  3. @ Freckles: I have seen the same thing happen in my town. Those people are heckled horribly. That is what made it so bad for them.

  4. Why don’t we just bring back stocks, then and we can all throw rotten fruit at them..
    Public humiliation should be kept for peadophiles and rapists.. In my opinion..

  5. bollywood_rocks83

    1. Desolation row, I and my brothers didn’t smoke weed and watch porn when we were in high school. Then again we were shipped off to boarding school once we became 10.

    2.titsonabull,seriously?! What are you? 10? Guidance? Please! Has it occurred to you that she has been guiding him up till the point where he thought it was cool to piss in someone’s locker?Growing up, this “punishment” would’ve been a breeze for me. Since I went to private schools, my mum’s method of punishing us was telling the headmistress to make us stand in front of the whole assembly and tell 300+ students why we missed school the previous day or whatever. Being a head girl and my mum’s method of punishment did not mix very well(the brits on here can explain what a head girl is).

    It’s this whole attitude of “kids need to be guided” that is ruining the USA and causes some trailer trash to sit by while their little bastard rams into me at the store. I know someone who still lives with mummy because she won’t pay rent if he gets a place and his 70yr old father is still making payments on his car because he thinks his parents owe him for making his life hell when he was 16-18(sent to boarding school). Is that the guidance you were talking about? Oh and he’s 30+ .

  6. When I was at high school, if we misbehaved in our electronics class, we were made to stand outside the year 11’s (senior year) block and sing nursery rhymes. If you didn’t sing loud enough for the year 11’s to notice you (and gather round!), you had to sing louder! If you were a year 11 and were given the punishment, you had to stand in the same spot outside, but sing loud enough for the Head of the French department to come to his window..on the second floor.

    I had that punishment. I never misbehaved in electronics again. But I also admired the teacher for his creative punishments! Particularly when he made some of the more arrogant lads in our year sing and do the actions to “I’m a little teapot”. He did always warn us. He always said “if you don’t tidy up/behave within the 10 seconds – you’re outside singing!” Children need to know there are consequences!!

    Amy’s kid could have had it worse!

  7. @ bollywood_rocks83 How do you relate that to guidance? I’m not saying punishment is wrong, i’m saying THIS punishment is wrong.
    Loss of privileges does the same thing without shaming, and building resentment and self-esteem issues… I think you come from a world very different to mine. I’m still dealing with the issues that beatings and emotional abuse in the name of punishment has left me with.. I hope for the sake of your unborn kids that your ovaries fall out so you don’t pass on your misguided superior attitude. How you can relate some hick letting their kids run wild to guidance is beyond me. Btw, i am australian. Oh and i’m still waiting for a brit to explain what a head girl is.. ’cause i really give two fucks.

  8. So her Fb Friends are posting “vague status updates” about her? They are supposed to be friends right?

  9. dirtylittlepretty

    does his shirt say Acapulco?

    mom isn’t on her game …that porn collection should have been spotted long before it grew to those proportions. maybe she is just pissed that his porn and pot are better quality than hers??

  10. Some kids don’t care about a loss of privileges. One of my sons is perfectly content to be grounded to his room with no toys. He can spend days living in his ADHD fantasy world. (Anybody with a classic ADHD child or close relative can understand this). We’ve had to be very creative with punishments for him. Thankfully, we haven’t had to “punish” him often. While we do not partake in physical punishment, due to it now being called child abuse, I am a firm believer that there are occasions when a good ass beating are called for. There is a HUGE difference between disciplining and child abuse. I wish my parents would have beat my ass a few times when I was growing up, it would have changed a lot about my “rebellious” 12 years and I would have more respect for them today.

  11. To be honest that is a much more effective form of punishment than grounding. At first I thought it was too much, but after hearing what he did, I think it makes sense.

  12. That woman either needs to get laid or that town needs a bowling alley…

  13. That gives me a good idea to end the day.
    I just hope I don’t get caught.

  14. To begin with, a kid who steals all the time has issues that should be addressed from their root (in addition to punishing him). Sense of insecurity at home, other problems. This kid needs therapy, seriously. And excreting in the opposing team’s locker room sounds like something he did on a dare, or under threat. If not: again, therapy.

    Second, having your kid publicly confess to a crime doesn’t strike me as good parenting. Let’s hope no hardass cops drove by. It would be way out of line for them to bust him, but some cops would do it just out of pure hatred for all teenagers.

    Parenting FAIL.

  15. Many countries use punishments similar to this instead of jail time. It works. Just because it is not the norm does not make her a bad parent. Grounding simply does not work with some kids.

  16. with all that porn, grounding the guy would be a reward.

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