Monday, August 2, 2010

Start your Week with Wins

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  1. Meh.

  2. mhm..

  3. Ben!

  4. Oh, goddamn. 🙁

    The Trekkies one cracked my up, I’m gonna have to show my gf, who is a Trekkie AND a Twilight fan!

  5. Shark week is out of control. I don’t remember ever being as excited as my friends are about an entire week of the same thing: sharks eating people-sharks getting killed-sharks swimming around idiot who thinks he can swim with sharks.

  6. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I’m only here for the comments, and it would appear I’m here too soon.

  7. Dear one specific Trekkie,

    Thank you for making us look original and hilarious.

    Sincerely, people on Lamebook.

  8. I’m with Eu… You can only watch a dolphin explode in an orange cloud of blood and gore so many times before it’s just another Wednesday night.

  9. Exactly.

  10. dammit

  11. #1 is so full of win. 🙂 Who wouldn’t be totally stoked about that?

  12. So um…what was Matt going to do if he lost?

  13. Stick it in her butt.

  14. so if i dont give my bf a bj long enough he’ll forget about them?

  15. thatjennchich, just buy the ‘Snikers’ bar and use the wrapper.

    Resourceful, see.

  16. ohbabybaby, No, he’ll just start to resent you for not compromising for him.

  17. Zinzi, honey… not so much.


  19. Trekkie one was the only mildly interesting one…

  20. Yay, I love zinzi

  21. strangerdanger06

    ohbabybaby, doesn’t work. My bf didn’t get any for 3 years (time between the ex and me) and he’d still bug me every time he got drunk. It’s expected whether you do it or not.

  22. Damn right it’s expected. If I’m willing to go down on you, you’d damn sure be willing to reciprocate.

  23. Is it safe to assume that Jeremy hasn’t ever gotten a BJ in the first place? Yes? Yes.

  24. damn,oh well,i guess its bjs all day then

  25. Sideways Sloppy Joe Swim Lesson

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