Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Rick

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  1. It feel so good to be at this position…
    Now I know how Stever has feeling all this long- Absolutely Nothing!

  2. *been

  3. *bean

  4. BTW> Who the fuck is Rick Pitino- Does not seem important enough to be googled, so fuck it.

  5. He’s a college basketball coach. And, apparently, a quick shot.

  6. Everyone’s a comedian. “Very briefly”.

  7. That young fellow is very lucky. I sometimes wait months for an erection and then it sometimes takes up to 3 hours of rigorous stimulation to empty my ballsack of my happy swimming soldiers. I tend to be so raw afterwords that I need to wrap the Captain in bandages soaked in petroleum jelly and even still he later forms spotted scabs. And then there’s poor little Agnes, with one tooth knocked out and one chipped, over the years and the love canyon obviously suffers a terrible trauma despite the use of multitudes of free packets of lubricating fluids.

  8. It’s pretty sad that he can’t last as long as a shot clock.

  9. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    Wow Walter! Very creative and entertaining.

  10. so this guy is actually no one of importance?

  11. you couldn’t figure out that he is the Louisville basketball coach just from reading the post?

  12. They say neccesity breeds invention. And I hope to be informative rather than entertaining. I’m sure some of you hipsters and gen y kids will have the same little roadblocks in your highways to orgasm heaven in 70-80 years, so take some mental notes and start saving those packets of lubricating fluids. That little hussy might seem like Niagara now but some day she will be Mohave.

  13. poor man’s boris becker.

  14. *poop

  15. I go a weekend without updates and wake up on Monday morning to this?

    *grumble* effin’ college sports. Don’t give a good jesus horatio christ flying fuck. Where’s my damn coffee?

  16. ele-ben-teenth!1!1!1!1!!!!!!!11111111111

  17. Eh.

  18. Can someone who knows who this guy is tell me if this post is funny? I am not feeling it.

  19. Why does it matter if you know who he is or not? It’s funny because he had to testify in court that he didn’t last very long.
    I like Kathleen’s comment, too. Heheh.

  20. It was pretty surprising to hear that Coach Pitino didn’t at least try to use the entire shot clock.

  21. The funny part to all of this is that Pitino is currently the coach of the University of Kentucky. The story is from when he was a coach at Louisville. Epic fail to all those who are “in the know.”

  22. @jhorner96

    John Calipari is the coach for University of Kentucky. Pitino hasn’t coached there since 1997.

  23. i think that was an ‘epic fail’ for jhorner.. a simple check would have done. pitino left kentucky and went to the pros, failed there, and came back to coach at university of louisville. big upset at the time for the ky fans, but it looks like they got the last laugh. 15 seconds? ha!

  24. i’m a louisville fan.hey he may have only lasted 15 seconds, but maybe he had an open look

  25. @jhorner96…..not even close lol Rick was the UK coach back in the 90s, went to coach the Boston Celtics in the NBA, then went to UofL

    Im from the Louisville area and a cards fan but this cracked me the hell up lol

  26. Jhorner96 is obviously an idiot

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