Friday, January 14, 2011

Embarrassing Images

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  1. lol – i just noticed the unintentional pun in my last sentence. i’m sure pep will appreciate that, what with his huge brain capacity and his fondness for his own lower intestinal tract.

  2. “cheese-eating surrender monkey”

    That just made my night.

  3. Same joke repeated a million times since uttered on the Simpsons in the 90’s and *that’s* what stood out?

    Let’s hope no one hands you a fork. You might stab yourself in the heart.

  4. I’ve never watched The Simpsons, bucko. For me, what was amusing about it was that it was you to whom it was directed. It wasn’t the only thing that stood out, but noting how unbelievably pompous, self-obsessed, and deluded you are, would have just been stating the obvious.

  5. How dare you call me an elitist! I am an Ivy leaguer you pitiful peasant! Ever heard of it? I can tell you what region of southern france that my favorite cheese comes from! Are these the actions of a pompous elitist? If you continue to address me as such, I will be forced to write you a 40 page essay detailing the education system in America and comparing it with that of France, Good day sir!

  6. It’s funny to go rochambeau with vincent because he’s in on the joke – he “gets it”. Some of you on this site seem to look to strangers on the internet for serious emotional closeness.

    I can’t even begin to approach that level of genuine creepy, mr. jones.

    If you wanna drive everyone with a sense of fun off the site, go ahead. That legal fund is doomed – for real.

  7. I jest, I jest good sir! I do give my most sincerest of apologies for not ‘getting it’. I do say you should give it a try though ol’ sport, you would be amazed how much genuine creepy you can achieve when you try at it. Perhaps with a few more years of time in an Ivy League school and debating the quality of fromage and it’s origins will help you to do so.

  8. ah, how cute.

    Seriously, I’ll teach you a little trick: the next time you talk to your therapist – not knocking you for that, a lot of people have one, but to talk about REAL SHIT – why don’t you bring up that time you saw a chink in the armor of “that guy on the internet”.

    See if he thinks you’re talking about “that guy’s” feelings, or yours. The word ‘creepy’ has a meaning, mr. jones. vulnerability is more synonymous with it than dickishness.

    Your flames are inauthentic because you have a small weeping asian woman in your heart and no fire.

  9. Ah you got me, you win the internet war. Congratulations, now you can return to your debate with a sense of smug victory in your heart and I’ll return to hiding that weeping asian woman. (your metaphors are magical by the way) Your sense of superiority is intact, you are the master of flames on the internet, I bet the women go wild for you when you tell them that.

  10. Ever heard of ‘white flight?’ When white people leave a neighbourhood because black people are starting to move in. What’s happening to LB right now is analogous to that; the witty comedians have left, and the essay-writing, thesauruses-for-dicks, american-bashing, smug-europeans have moved in.

    The dark ages of LB are at a climax.

  11. Also, I don’t have a therapist….maybe you were right about not being able to achieve any level of creepy…I shouldn’t have put so much faith in you.

  12. Ah, you got me good: I could have sworn it was you who mentioned that before, but you’re right, it was dukey, if I remember correctly now.

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