Thursday, January 13, 2011


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  1. first!

  2. these posts are less funny than dukey smooth wankers comments

  3. “Lynn” isn’t a very Italian middle name.

  4. man, i thought i had no life… these people clearly take the cake.

  5. Funny not.

  6. #4 it’s not ‘stolen’ it’s ‘shared’ 🙂 and that Bin Laden one is gold in my eyes!

  7. i’m glad fb is suing lame-book. This whole post has been on fail-book.

  8. oh c’mon, lighten up wankers. The sun is shining- life’s guuuuuud 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. If you guys are waiting for something completely original on the internet… well, get comfy because it could be a while.

  10. This is so awful I logged in simply to comment.

  11. I’m impressed by osamas’s English skills.

  12. Osama and Mario are funny 🙂

  13. Meh

  14. really?

  15. I enjoyed this until the Mario one. That one was just stupid.

  16. Come on, guys. This post isn’t that bad. It isn’t great, but there have definitely been a lot worse.

    But the only thing I really have to say here is I can’t believe such an attractive girl as Katy Perry married that repulsive Russell Brand. I do not get it. I give it a year. Tops.

  17. im surprised some smartass hasn’t said “fake” yet

  18. this is so fake

  19. A slight smile at the Osama one. Other than that, blah blah blah.

  20. Sometimes I feel like Mario…. I always seem to be pushing myself into green holes…. and I fucking love mushrooms.

  21. Fucking A sheep. Hmmm mushrooms omnomnom. Itsa Mario.

    ..and here endeth the randomness.

  22. Dirty bugger you. Baaaa.

  23. Will ewe both stop it please?

  24. You’re just jealous you mofo. Can’t you find a sheep of your own? Maybe Paranoid will share if you’re nice to him.

  25. A Yorkshire man never shares his sheep, that’d be like sharing his beer…just not the done thing.

    That being said i wouldn’t mind a good, hard ram.

  26. C’mon guys. All this drama is making my horny and it’s not even 8 a.m.
    It’s gonna be a long Friday

  27. wandr By 08:00am I’m normally on wank four of the day, have you tried slipping in a finger or two yet to see if the aforementioned ‘Friday Tension’ can be relieved thusly?

  28. Haha keep it up you two. Hope you’re both around this evening 😉

  29. I did lock myself in the bathroom for a little while, yes. It was a bit selfish of me, as I do have an office with a window, and might have brightened the guy-in-the-next-building’s Friday if I’d stayed here.
    Not too late to do something about that though.

    Curly, if I’m not here, I’ll be thinking of you. And Mofo. And Paranoid and his sheep. A world of possibilities there.

  30. The last time I had a window wank it all went horribly wrong…. The nursery attendants called the police.

    I may not be around this evening, my nights tend to be taken up stalking the streets.

    Besides, when I’m not on here I’m generally pulling myself off frantically whilst shouting all your names out in Alphabetical order.

  31. Wandr, feel happy. You’re right near the end when he’s ready to blow.

  32. FFS, people, don’t make me laugh out loud at work!

    It does make me feel all tingly to know that, curly, I just hope he does get to the W’s…

  33. I glad I “came” back to this post (groan, sorry). hellafunny comments


    Sorry, my nerdrage takes over sometimes.

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