Thursday, January 13, 2011

Problems. We All Got ‘Em.

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  1. So you want Vincent to “go to a hole and die of natural causes?” LOL! That is an awesome insult!

  2. To be fair, regarding the iPhone thing, if he’s got an iPod Touch, it will still show up as an iPHONE app. It also means that he can access his wi-fi from outside the house so maybe someone was able to rescue him LOL

  3. Thanks @52. That hasn’t been touched on AT ALL. Especially not the very first comment or anything

  4. MrsNamorMcKenzie
    Welcome to every comment section on the internet.

  5. The guy is probably using an iPod touch on his home network.

  6. Yikes, that looks like a twin of my cat, except that one has a bigger mustache.

  7. pnrx
    Ha! right?

  8. the sad part is Denise never posted the results of her herpes test…. hmmm… maybe i should get checked out too

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