Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Win!

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  1. oh! first!

  2. leakyfishbowl

    Oh, poor smoker. You’re cigarettes are so expensive huh? They are already over $10 a pack in New York. I don’t smoke, but I got stuck in line behind a kid whose ten dollar wasn’t enough for a single pack the other day. Perhaps it’s time to reassess your bad habits.

  3. Waah!

  4. *Your. Perhaps it’s time to reassess your bad grammar.

  5. Can someone explain the last one? Sorry, I find myself lost on this one…

  6. So…so a Dunston Checks In joke, huh? Yeah, 1996 called…

  7. livedreamlaugh

    I don’t know what that guy is complaining about .. In Australia, at a BP we pay $18.00 for a packet of smokes.

  8. @livedreamlaugh – I know, right? The cheapest you’ll get a decent brand for is around $13 for 25 at the tobacconist. Considering the Aussie dollar is worth more than the greenback at the moment you just know the government is making a killing on the sales tax. It’s like ciggies are death and taxes rolled into one.

  9. Further proof, if needed, that lamebook is royally fucked without OBL and Suroor.

    Tornado jokes? Seriously?

    @2 Fuck off you sopping wet fart.

  10. What’s dunston?

  11. I think Phil should take his unfunny puns and fuck off.

  12. Do blondebimbo and sprucay not know how to use Google? I also didn’t get the reference – I’m guessing Dunston Checks In wasn’t a big hit here in the UK – so instead of posting a comment to say “What’s dunston”, I Googled it. This a) provided the answer, and b) prevented me from looking like a knob. Oh, and in case blondebimbo and sprucay didn’t realise, Googling a query tends to provide a quicker answer than posting your query in a comments thread and waiting for someone else to supply the answer. Blondebimbo and sprucay are Frodo.

  13. What’s Google?

  14. Ask Jeeves

  15. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Do you have Jeeves’ number?

  16. Google it.

  17. Pedantrix, I believe you are the self righteous knob. Instead of writing this long, boring message, you could’ve just posted the answer.

  18. Or instead of crying about it, you could just avoid reading any posts that are too long for you to cope with.

  19. where the eff are cigs 4.25 a pack….is 12 something where I live

  20. Virginia still has cigs $4.25 a pack and $40.00 a carton.

  21. I was reading to see if you’re just writing pretentious shit or you will actually answer to the point.I like to do things thoroughly so I read it all, problem?

  22. Oh oaty, I’m not sure you actually understand what “pretentious” means. What exactly in my post could be classified as “pretentious shit”? Could you define “pretentious”?

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Pendantrix, so Blondebimbo and Sprucay are frodo?I do not compute, I googled this frodo and all I got was a list with, what seem to be links to pages on the internets. I opened one of those links and was directed to a page where someone went to great lengths explaining who frodo is (he is a fictional character, from a series of books written by a dude called Tolkien).

    So here’s where it all gets a bit confusing, Blondebimbo and Sprucay are females and, in my fantasy, far from butch. So your comparison fails already on gender. Apart from that Frodo is fictional, Blondebimbo and Sprucay are not fictional. I could easily point out more mistakes in your ridiculous comparison but I just can’t be arsed to read all those pages I found when I used the google.

    Instead I added an entry for Pendantrix in the urban dictionary and put a link to the word dildo in it. Seemed a lot less work to me just as accurate.

  24. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Pretentious :

    Tying to sound intelligent by using long, complicated words, even though you don’t know what they mean.

    Pendantrix : “hey, listen to this. it’s post-hardcore emomathglitch rock. The lyrics really reveal the prerequisite existentialism of the singers inner hades!”

    Oatmealandi : “do you even know what that means”

    Pendantrix : “um… well, no”

    Oatmealandi : “you’re so pretentious”

    Stomabeutel : “no he’s just a dildo”

  25. I am not going to get into this argument with you, but your comment was uncalled for, and you’re being a dick. And I am way too high to deal with this right now

  26. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    No worries oatmeal, I am on the case. I like Pendantrix, I think he’s German!

  27. ffs, Stoma, you’re a fucking liar! I actually checked UrbanDictionnary. I even check both Pendantrix and Pedantrix.
    What a disappointment. Now I cry.

    Oatmeal, I may be mistaken, here, but I get the feeling you’re high pretty often? I seem to recall a similar comment not so long ago. May have the wrong guy, though

  28. You definitely have the wrong guy, I am a girl.
    Anyways, are you judging me? I live in Holland and I like to smoke sometimes, what’s wrong with that?

  29. Damn it, I have no idea what Dunston is either as I read all the comments in hope of someone explaining it all I got was a bunch of trolling and ridiculous comments.

    I even went to Urban dictionary to look up Pendentrix too!

    Not only am I upset at everyone I am very sad.

    So I BINGED “Dunston” and got shit from Wikipedia about a town that didn’t seem funny so I BINGED not Googled and not AskJeeved “Dunston checking in” , anyways its a damn movie, hahahahaha- whatever

  30. I have a friend who smokes and she said the warnings on cigarette packages never bothered her until one day in Europe she saw one that said “Smoking may cause wrinkles.” She seriously considered quitting after that, but she didn’t.

    Great story, I know.

  31. Jesus I hate explaining this every fucking time I ask. So listen up. Last time I googled something from lamebook it was “Blue waffle”, if you haven’t done it, well, you might as well now. After that, I will never google shit from here again. So instead, I suck up my pride and ASK when I don’t know. If you don’t want to answer, or if you’re going to shit a fucking brick then you can IGNORE it. Amazing huh?

  32. lol @ oatmeal No, I’m not judging you. I’m rambling. Rambling is what I’m generally doing on lameboo to take a break.
    I really honestly just recalled a similar comment, couldn’t be arsed to verify and so asked about it in the comment section.

    Now, Pedantrix will likely give me shit about not fucking googling it. I’m lazy. And mostly I don’t have that much time to waste.

    Hey, I’d probably do the same if I were in Holland…

  33. Oi! Blondie, kindly never mention Blue Waffle again. I feel faint 😉
    (I add the smiley because I seem to be offending people with my comments Today, although now I’ll have the smiley-haters on my back. My life’s a fucking drama)

    And fuck me, I think I made a Curly of myself. All bold because of me?

  34. Oh it’s cool, I just go on here often when I am high and looking through the internetz aimlessly.. I have said it before tho on another post, you have a good memory – guess you’re not a smoker haha

  35. No, I’m not. I’m a bit sad about it, though. I learned on Crackeddotcom today that the more intelligent(er) you are, the more likely you are to do drugs. I don’t do drugs. Cracked never lies.

  36. Weed=/=crack 😛 I disagree with this statement wholeheartedly , has a research been done on it?

  37. Disclaimer : I do not verify the validity of anything I post here, including but not limited to, my own opinion. I didn’t read the actual article, I’m more than happy to blindly believe a humor Web site

  38. Sorry wandr! They got you with that one last time didn’t they? My bad for bringing up the bad memories!

  39. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    I’m gonna stick with the theme of these comments and NOT google….what’s “blue waffle?”

  40. bollywood_rocks83

    blue waffle should fall under “Don’t Ask Don’t tell”. If you want to know,it is better googled than described. Or Urban Dictionary it. It’s more tame than the visual.

  41. You do not want to know. Seriously. Well, you do not want to see. The visual is nasty.

  42. I see the rule here is troll or be trolled. What a fucking jungle you guys live in.
    It could be a ten-pack if they sell those in the States?

  43. @stomabeutel – LMAO @ “post-hardcore emomathglitch rock”… Now, I’m into songs with time signatures like 19/16 as much as the next guy, but really… give me 4 on the floor, some noise and someone repeatedly screaming “Kill me now!” and I’m happy. Actually that’s my latest single.

    @sandcat – Welcome to the jungle! We’ve got puns for names.

  44. So, “Dunston Checks In” is a movie about an orangutan named Dunston. You’re all welcome!

  45. Cigarettes should be expensive, mmmmm.. tasty cancer.

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