Monday, January 25, 2010

Study Hard

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  1. Oh my God I hate you all. I give up on this planet.

  2. Yes, Penny, there are schools, payed for by tax dollars that teach children how to create, properly weigh and distribute the product as well as market it to their target audience. Look at the bright side – at least they are learning to make a living to get their sorry asses off of welfare, eh? Product is product, and a sale is a sale…

    Now, for those who are more socialized, it would appear that some of these twits need remedial English and perhaps an IEP to assist in their Federally mandated right to a “free and appropriate education”, as it would appear that their ability to learn, retain and utilize their education has been a huge, gigantic FAILURE.

    Stan, it would appear that you are either being dramatic or you cannot handle scrutiny. Either get some therapy (and I am not saying that with sarcasm), or hop off the drama llama and put it away before you fall off and bump your cranium.

  3. me2u, before you continue sounding like an ostentatious asshole, I have to point out that you’ve failed to retain the definition of ‘payed’. Of course, the difference between payed and paid is easily mistakable for ‘some of these twits’. I would not, however, expect it from someone who claims to know the logistics of a ‘drug school’.

    Get off your high horse and stop watching FOX news.

  4. footfootfootfoot

    rraus, that was possibly the most ridiculous grammar attack I have ever read. If you really can’t add anything to the conversation besides your comment above, I suggest you think twice before throwing the first “ostentatious asshole” stone. Not that me2u added much either.

    If I may, I’d like to mention that I am given a lot of opportunities to engage in the type of learning I would not be able to engage in if it weren’t for my public school system. An anecdote: I am a senior in public high school and live in Virginia. If you ever done research on school system quality, you’ll have found that Northern VA is notorious for the highest achieving schools and students in the nation. I live in the Tidewater district, which receives a very small portion of state funding in comparison (I’ve seen numbers that say we get around 8% of what they do in some instances) and boasts some of the worst standardized testing scores in the state. Despite this fact, I have been given opportunities to travel across Europe, fundraise for the building of a sister school in Uganda, organize political rallies and protests, study among local artists, have artwork hung in a local art gallery and create organizations based on my interests, including a gay-straight student alliance and a club that organizes art students to use their talents throughout the community. All of these projects have been created by student leaders, not paid faculty or the school board. I can honestly say that to do all of these things, particularly to participate in these clubs with other students, has molded me into the aware individual that I am today, and that there are very few resources in my community – a community that, like most, is oriented toward what is most convenient for adults – for me to have accomplished the majority of what I spent my time in school doing. Furthermore, I would go as far as to say that after elementary school I have been affected more by my extracurricular hobbies than anything I have learned in class.

  5. How about you raise your kid the way you want and I’ll raise my kid the way I want, and as long as neither of them eats glue and dies we’ll call it a tie.

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