Monday, January 25, 2010


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  1. lostintranslation

    I don’t know about you, but I like my morning iced coffee piping hot!

  2. Patty’s comment is’nt that lame – I don’t see anything funny or lame about that – the lame cupboard must be bare this afternoon administrators

  3. second!!!!!!!

  4. Stephanie is as thick as two short planks.

  5. @spastix … You idiot. Those are clouds.

  6. @spastix

    you don’t think it’s lame that Patty sees clouds in the sky and thinks it’s pollution?

    OMG, what’s coming out of those puffy pollution collections? It’s wet and falling and omg, we’re all gonna die, it’s landing on people and cars and puppies!!!! It must be poison!

    Nope, you’re right… nothing lame or airheaded about that at all.

  7. LOL @ spastix…anyone else see the delicious irony of their name?!

  8. Also, Stephanie, really honey?! Come on, spell out the words in your head…I-C-E C-O-F-F-E-E…? Any bells going off in that big ol’ cavernous skull?

  9. Oh lord @ lamebookpro who obviously is not. You missed the mark by a mile!!

    These are not lame or funny just dumb.

  10. …and here i thought we were looking at the hole in the ozone layer…my bad!

  11. Don’t mind the naysayers,these are indeed funny!

  12. i THINK stephanie is trying to make a reference to the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skit where they bring in ricky martin (chris kattan i think played him) for the audio daily double, where he asks if the hot tea is “hot or cold”. I think “keaneu reeves” asks if it is “iced tea”. anyway, she might be referencing that. or im just hopeful that no one would seriously ask that

  13. @coolwip – I am aware they are clouds, I just don’t see this as particularly lameworthy (my opinion of course – totally subjective).

    @mcowles – in short, not really.

    Maybe I just see the comment as either ironic stupidity or just not that amusing – it’s been a slow day, I was hoping for some belters.

  14. Poor Stephanie, I almost feel sorry for her, emphasis on almost.

  15. I don’t know though, clearly Stephanie is an idiot BUT unintentionally she brings up a good point. Iced coffee is served HOT they put the ice in it to cool it as it hits your mouth. LOL. Seriously. Think about it 😉

  16. Is it sad that I looked at that picture and immediately recognized it as Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

  17. stephanie is channelling her inner “jessica simpson”

  18. Patty is not talking about the clouds. If you get a good magnifying glass and look at the speedway picture, you can see all the tobacco stains and empty Miller Lite cans everywhere. That’s what she was talking about.

  19. asshat

  20. Indianapolis does look a bit grubby. Patty’s quite right.

  21. Patty has the right attitude to be a Greenpeace campaigner.

  22. @Antarctican: Or a conspiracy theorist. 😀

  23. I’m thinking Stephanie thought iced coffee was like fried ice creams or something…that might explain the confusion in the poor girls mind

    as for patty – i’m gonna go with the hole in the ozone layer theory!

  24. Never mind stupid Stephanie, Shelby needs a smack upside the head. Tired of dumb broads who don’t know “your” from “you’re” and afraid of punctuation.

  25. lmao @ mcowles.

  26. The pollution is actually there -> that blue fog (unless it was caused by the camera’s defect) on the top of the picture… go and see Grand Canyon f.ex; look over the horizon and you see that blue mist all over the place. That’s the real pollution being seen from far away. And yes it’s happening NOW as we speak…

    On Stephanie’s comment about hot iced coffee, well:
    1. mistaphill is right, Shelby should be the one smacked around (like in B&W :).
    2. Fact: lots of people ask “did you make iced coffee hot, or cold” as of a way of PREPARING it. Nowadays you can buy a coffee that “melts(?)” in the cold water as well, so it’s kinda tricky there. You can make coffee in regular room-temperature water (like cool-aid), or regular way in the hot water, then put ice cubs in it.
    Well, it’s still sad how American language is degenerating to such barely-communicative level 🙁

    I’m European BTW, judge my English all you want, I don’t give a damn 🙂

  27. @ voolo
    Taking a picture through an airplane’s windows usually cause sort of discoloring somewhere in the picture.

  28. Antarctican you’re probably right. Well, bummer. Still if that was L.A; let’s say…rush hours, it’d be much worse than that 🙂
    HA! I’m crazy, don’t listen to me.
    BTW, LA is a beautiful place.

  29. @ voolo
    Not to worry. I was almost falling asleep as I typed that comment, not even noticing the woeful grammar I came up with! Just wanted to say I’ve taken quite a few similar pictures in the past from airplanes, and there’s usually a bluish tint present. Not that it proves anything, there could be quite a lot of pollution present over Indianapolis anyways. (I doubt whether Patty had that in mind though! So many clueless enviro-warriors don’t even know the difference between smoke and vapour anyways.)

  30. Stephanie & Patty are both idiots. End. LOL

  31. mmmmmm piping hot iced coffee…. lol.
    And that pollution is looking pretty clear if you ask me 🙂

  32. This must be that new transparent pollution the government is puttin’ out into the air. The government’s been like this ever since the aliens invaded.

  33. @v00lo

    I’m not going to touch your grammar or English, but rather ask, why do you assume that these people are Americans? Iced coffee is available in nations other than the USA, and Facebook is definitely frequented by people who are not Americans. Also, I’m pretty sure that I could find examples in other languages that would allow me make gross characterizations similar to that which you made of the American English, but in the end, that matters little, because that’s just how language works. It evolves with time, and as it does so, some people believe it’s degenerating, and others believe it’s improving (I tend to agree with you, but would not apply that characterization to American English while ignoring the rest).

  34. Why don’t you go eat a dingle-berry, you fart nugget.

  35. I really don’t understand how in the times we live in with apparent access to the internet, these people can still be so incredibly stupid.
    Apparently they don’t even feel ashamed of their stupidity! It would have taken Stephanie about 5 seconds to type ‘Iced Coffee’ into a Google Image search and save herself the embarassment of looking like she is dumber than a bucket of mop water.
    But, I suppose she is a member of that group that seems to procreate at an alarming rate. Those poor souls that are too stupid to even realize they are stupid or *cringes* one of those fine folks that is so stupid they think they are smart.

    “What is the soupe du jour?”
    “Duh. It’s the soup of the day, I thought you were supposed to be smart.”
    “Yeah, but what is it?”
    “I just told you. Sheesh, grow a brain.”

  36. I hope Patty isn’t a environmentalist

  37. Patty made me laugh out loud so much. I think the exclamation points just put me over the edge.

  38. I am seriously hoping Stephanie is referencing that Celebrity Jeopardy spoof with Will Farrel.

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