Monday, January 25, 2010

It’s Personal

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  1. GrammaticalErrors

    Wow I how the “you were preggo?” does not mean that the kick to the guts…………..

    But then again, maybe better for those people not to be breeding.

    And once again ffs people now parents/grandma/grandpa etc… on facebook please! Actually I forgot where I was, yes please have them on your facebook so you can keep suppling Lamebook with content!

  2. I can just see it now – April is gonna go to “Sonny’s Discount Tattoos” and end up on Lamebook AGAIN with a tat that says ‘the past will not harm me in cursive’. 😀

  3. GrammaticalErrors

    *hope…………man i stuffed that up (hence the moniker lol)

  4. Loving the grandma !

  5. I love that the little gangsta douchey kid has his Grandma as a friend – that will give him real street cred with his peeps! hahaha!

  6. fake

  7. Why the hell would you publicly anounce that you’re getting a tattoo of such personal value? ‘my fore arm is where i used to cut’, I mean, if that’s your past then you’d do it for yourself, not for anyone else to see. So why post it on Facebook?

  8. haha :’the past will not harm me in cursive’… It’ll look really good inked straight over her old scar tissue, forever an ironic reminder that it kind of can harm you when you have a shitty tattoo.

    Then when she gets suicidal, she won’t be able to breach the magic tattoo seal that keeps her past from harming her, the blades will fly right off…

    Harsh, I know, but people that fish for sympathy on status updates can suck a fat one

  9. i say the more grandmas on facebook the better!

    am i saying this because they’re like the flags on minesweeper; or because i’m not on facebook (and my grannies are both dead), so they can’t hurt me?

  10. those grandparents are awesome, how they understood that gimp street wanna-be shit I don’t know.

  11. I don’t understand the last one , these things always confuse me …

    What’s up with the date and Ke***’s reaction ?

    Somebody care to enlighten me ?

  12. In response to the last one: Falcon kick–for when you’re pregnant, but not teen pregnant.

  13. I heart Nick’s Grandma

  14. How lame, I had to google cursive.

  15. I’ll bet that “Nick” is white, lives in the suburbs, goes to a private school, and drives his mom’s hand-me-down Volvo…

  16. Nick reminds me of McLovin.. “yo yo yo my gangstas!”

  17. Gramma Roseann is awesome

  18. LOL @Absurdrelief “the past will not harm me in cursive.”

  19. last one was kinda messed up

  20. @ Anonanus- She’s probably one of those girls who used to cut for attention so it doesn’t bother her to post that info on Facebook.

  21. Not saying that all people cut for those reasons though.

  22. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    @Anonanus: i think most likely she’s at the point where she’s not ashamed of herself for doing it any more and isn’t interested in hiding that fact, only moving on.

  23. Nicks grandma is kind of taking all the wind out of Nicks gangsta wannabe image.

    Also…comment #2 rocked! I think its inevitable.

  24. “April is gonna […] end up on Lamebook AGAIN with a tat that says ‘the past will not harm me in cursive’”

    I’d have a chortle if it wasn’t true.

    Oh go on then, just a little one.

  25. Judging from Nick gramma and grampa are probably in their mid-to-late thirties.

  26. Grandma for the win

    April for the loss

    Brittany for the WTF???

  27. Yeah keep the grannies and the parents on Facebook…
    cos without them there would no Lamebook

  28. @Anonanus(7): If you read, she is asking where a good cheap place(Tattoo shop wise) would be to get the tattoo done at and when Karen mentioned moving the location she explained why she was doing it on the arm. So shes not posting the fact that shes getting a personal tattoo just where to go for it.

  29. I wholeheartedly support April’s decision. Having a stranger inject ink into your arm is the perfect, least ironic way to celebrate no longer mutilating said arm!

  30. In response to the “should grannies be on Facebook?” debate – damned right they should. I was a bit wary of my mother being on at first, but now that my nephew is also on FB we take great pleasure in being the embarrassing older relatives.

  31. Who knows is grandparents should be on facebook. This one, though, NEEDS to be on facebook.

    As a former cutter I’m pretty comfortable saying that if she gets a cheap tatto it’s going to end up looking so shitty she’ll start cutting there again just to get the damn thing off her.

  32. Can someone explain the attention whoring such as “cutting”? I mean, what else do you wish to gain by doing this?

  33. If Roseann was able to correctly interpret “keep my hustle up” she is officially the hippest nana to grace facebook.

    April would be better to get a tattoo begging people to please please love her and pay her some attention.

    Ella’s friends are the most terrifying “cutiees” I have come across. Syko kunts.

  34. insert clever name here

    Absurdrelief FTW!

  35. i love old black people and their wise words. though, i’m assuming roseann is black. if she’s white she can take her education propaganda and stick it up her ass.

  36. Boy, that’s a whole lotta fail for one page. Kicking pregnant girls in the stomach, stabbing brother’s girlfriend, hustle n flow, cutting on yourself. Is the Jerry Springer show still going? These would make some great “guests”. After they clone Steve like 10 times, to keep the peace.

  37. I am an ex-cutter, and I cut my forearm as well. Its not something I ever planned in advance – I would get very depressed, see a knife or a pair of scissors, and just slice. I did something similar when I got my tattoo – except I got it on my inner wrist.

    I regret letting myself get to that position in my life, but I’m not ashamed of it. I tell people if they ask why my tat is in a visible place, or why I still have scars on my arm, but I don’t broadcast it.

    I don’t think this is a very lame entry, I mean, she *didn’t* say ‘I’m getting a tattoo done on my arm because that’s where I used to cut’, she only said that after she was asked.

  38. I think somethingunique’s comment is a lame entry.

    Her cutting comment is clearly an attention-seeking one.

  39. rocko2466: don’t be frodo.

  40. On behalf of all Australians I would like to apologise for Ella, Ke and Brittany.

    @somethingunique- I can see why she’s not hiding the fact she used to cut, obviously she’s proud she’s overcome that difficult period in her life. The thing that got me about that entry was the extreme awkwardness that followed her admission. It was a very David Brent moment.

  41. I want Gramma as my FB friend. She’s awesome.

  42. +1

    Gramma, we love you
    Gramma, we do.

  43. I’m a little confused as to why that second post is here…

    ‘The past will not harm me in cursive’ – Yes, that’s amusing. But since it’s clearly not what she meant, and just another example of how vague English can be. Not enough to earn a spot on Lamebook.

    @alphroshazam – Yeah, that was pretty harsh. Also pretty unnecessary.

    @Andrizzle – Looking for attention isn’t the only reason someone can be comfortable with problems they’ve gotten past.

    @RingingInMyHead – Ah, irony. One question: are you against all tattoos, or just ones on former self-injurers?

    @HulkSmash – Are you asking a real question? Because if you are, there are several answers. However, if you’re just trying to be a dick, I don’t want to waste time explaining. Let’s put it this way: I can guarantee you know at least one person who cuts. If you’re curious, it isn’t hard to find information. It’s everywhere.

  44. gramma and grandpa are my heroes!! Listen to them Nick!!!!!!

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