Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Must Be Crushed. LOLz


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  1. Oh how tragic, however correct use of “your”.
    Every cloud…

  2. I always laugh when people neglect to tell me a loved one died.

  3. @1
    Hahaha so true, I can’t stand when people fuck that up.

  4. Well, that is HILARIOUS.

  5. Damn I died and no one told me. LOLz.

  6. The use of ‘lolz’ is what makes this so brilliant.

  7. This would’ve had that extra touch of perfect if Talal had tacked on a LOLz to the end of her response.

  8. Yahoo! Answers Caveman

    I am truley sorry for your lots.

  9. i hate the word lolz who ever created it can juss die 😛

  10. @joshie josh

    Don’t criticise “lolz” when you spell just as juss.

  11. Dammit Yahoo! Answers Caveman! I was going to write that.

    You win again.

  12. Sorry for your lolz.

  13. lol can also mean lots of love.
    I told my Mom to stop posting lol after news of people dying. *true story*

  14. Naomi – I’d like to think that’s what she meant. I really would.

  15. Does LOLZ also mean Loss of Life in this situation?

  16. God: “I did it for the lulz.”

  17. The lulz before the storm

  18. Her grandmother died for the lulz.

    Epic lulz.

  19. Dammit, Yahoo! Answers Caveman, that was awesome.

  20. yeah i find it hilarious when someone dies too…

  21. OAP death = comedy gold. LOLZ

  22. Little Old Lady Zilched.

  23. ah one of those lol-whores…


  24. Excellent, Yahoo! Answers Caveman.

  25. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Was already having epic lulz reading the comments, but Jonas made milk come out of my nose!

  26. The lulz before the storm

  27. Lolz? Wtf?

  28. what a dumb bitch .. LOLz

  29. Okay. Wtf. My little sister’s name is Rachel and my name is Alynne, not Allyne, but still. This scared me. I feel the need to call and make sure my grandma is still alive.

  30. @29 woman you are retarded

  31. @30 No anon, you are.

    You are the retard for failing to notice that Alynne had her tongue firmly in her cheek when she wrote that. And with that, I don’t mean that she literally had her tongue in her cheek (just to be sure that that didn’t fly over your head as well.)

  32. A kid just got raped. LOLz

  33. so now i’ve got aids too? LOLz.

  34. My wife was just hit by a train! LOLz

  35. My dog died. LOLz

  36. Genocide, LOLz.

  37. Necrophilia. LOLz.

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