Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GoOd lUcK REaDinG ThIs

Good Luck Reading This

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  1. i WoNdEr how long it took him to write that… waste of my life

  2. yeah…i hate bands with bad lyrical content

  3. i think i am most concerned about his (her?) favorite movies – spanglish? hitch? oh, and let’s not forget “black and white classics Of CoUrSe”.

  4. It’s a girl who I went to high school with.

  5. i am so confused by this hahaha…..but i do love this rad ad ————————–>

  6. People still type like that?

  7. why would you sit and do that?

    waste of time, waste of life.

  8. I just read that whole thing and feel like I OD’d on bumper stickers.

  9. Hatehatehatehatehatehatehate

  10. I love that Bible thumpers are STILL being idiots. Good thing the crusades taught them so much.

  11. If U hAvE gOnE tO tHe HeRpFeSt, DoEs ThAt MeAn GoD wAnTeD u 2 hAvE hErPs?

  12. Favourite Quotations:

    yOu CaNt TeAcH wHeN yOu WrItE lIkE tHiS

  13. The sad thing is that everything seems to be spelled right otherwise…and she even used apostrophes in the right places.

  14. Seriously, what’s the point of writing like this?

  15. @Mia: Simple…kids are dumb.

    Besides, they haven’t been around long enough to realize that A) it looks ridiculous, B) it’s extremely hard to read, and C) it had already been done to death by the time they were learning to walk.

    Hopefully they’ll grow out of it and learn to be ashamed of themselves, as they should be.

  16. oh god… my head hurts

  17. i wonder how emotionally stable this person believes themselves to be.

  18. that bit about self respect and serving others was a little to hypocritically self serving

  19. she should be killed

  20. just… how LONG would it take to type this?!?

  21. please god bring back capital punishment

  22. Although annoying, death isn’t the proper punishment here. Unless of course you mean corporal punishment. Then I’d say, “bring back the electrified paddles!”

  23. Gah, my eyes.

  24. Who’s god is she talking about? Boy it better be the majority’s god.

  25. Has anyone noticed that she said “I cHoOsE tO cEnSoR mY eArS” ? That alone (horrendous typing aside) is horrifying.

  26. the best bit is the first line: ‘upgrading my thinking’, try upgrading your typing as well.

  27. I like how they felt the need to elaborate on the crappy movies for 8-12 year olds, but failed to name one musical or “Hollywood black and white classics, of course”

    Does anyone else read this as yelling and then regular speaking? lol… or maybe just me, I don’t know.

  28. Gee, how long would it have taken to type like that.

  29. Jesus, how do people manage to type like that? Do they have someone standing on the side intermittently holding down the Shift key? And WHY?

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