Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog Celebrity

Blog Celebrity

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  1. Reeeedneck Alert!!!

  2. Nice of him to post the address too.

  3. Nice. I can click the link that he posted and then see exactly why people make fun of him. but I honestly don’t blame him for doing it.

  4. The commenter formerly known as Flip

    Just before fake Flip gets here….

  5. Wow. I wouldn’t exactly be ‘spreading the word’ that I was posted on the ‘peopleofwalmart’ site. In fact, I would be trying pretty hard to keep that little tidbit of information SECRET until the day I died. It’s not exactly a compliment. What a dumbass.

  6. That’s his 15 seconds of fame, internet style

  7. by his words.. its apparent that he doesnt understand this isnt a Walmart website, but instead a site that makes fun of the mongrels that shop there

  8. Yay. Its like my two fave websites finally got together and had a baby.

  9. I bet he posted it himself. He probably submitted this to lamebook himself too.

  10. I think I’d prefer him if he was pixelated…

  11. Dude, he looks more toothless in his Wal-Mart pic, and also, if he had no idea AND/OR wasn’t ok with this, why is he SMILING for the camera?

  12. Whammy!

  13. Dude sounds and looks British. Don’t think this is “lame”, just a lame attempt at humor.

  14. HTF does he “sound” British NonAnon?? You picked up his accent from typed words? That is truly amazing…

  15. “Cheeky cunt” makes him sound British.

  16. Some cunt posted my post about a post on a walmart website on a lamebook website.

  17. Buddy Christ, I looked at the picture again after reading that, and that’s hilarious!

  18. Errr dooshbag – that term’s universal ? We’ve even heard of it on the dark continent. *gasp*

    lol Andy

  19. Andy is purdy

  20. Oh sweet Jesus YES.

  21. Lamebook provided a link to the People of WalMart site.

    Then the first response on the People of WalMart page links back here to Lamebook.

    Which links to People of WalMart.

    Which links to Lamebook.

    It’s like an infinite feedback loop of lameness has been created. How do we escape it?

  22. I know the term is universal but generally speaking, the British are a lot more casual in how they use it, and combined with “cheeky,” it gave off that impression. I’m not saying it guarantees that he’s British but that is a possibility. Could be why it looks like he found humor first in taking the gun picture and then in being made to look like a redneck.

  23. Hah, I saw that on People of Walmart a few days ago.

    also Sparky, by closing the tab. If not, you’re in an infinite lame loop.

  24. @Sparky

    I have no idea. I think we just keep on clicking until we die of RSI.

  25. I totally misread his update as reading “chunky cunt.” Ew.

  26. It looks like he’s wearing a (black away) Manchester United football shirt, so I would assume that, yes, he is British.

    That’s embarrassing.

  27. Manchester united’s jerseys have the wu-tang clan symbol on them?

  28. Wearing the jersey in his profile pic, not the Walmart pic. And I agree, 99.999999% of the times I’ve heard the word “cheeky” was in England or at least talking to an English person.

  29. @Mel

    Yeah, I mean his FB profile pic 😉

  30. I like his bling … … … 0.o

  31. This is too hilarious! This is exactly what you show to an NRA supporter and see what they got! Gun Control?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Yeah, I have 15 seconds of internet fame once. What a whirlwind it was.

  33. *had


    I went to look, and it made me choke on my drink….

  35. Do you people not have anything better to do with your time than to make fun of other people? Obviously not. Have you ever wondered how you would react if someone put a photo of you up on a webpage without your permission? I hope someone gets sued because the photos on that page. You all forget that there are real people behind those photos. GET A LIFE IDIOTS.

  36. waaaaaaaaaait a secong im a bit confused…are there really rednecks in the UK? lol

  37. I’ve never heard a redneck say cheeky cunt before. . .

  38. @ #35 – Youarealllame


    If I was a shotgun-shopping toothless buffoon with a wu tang t-shirt I would hope that I have enough brains not to go broadcasting my peopleofwalmart infamy on facebook.

  39. why r his arms so short?

  40. hahaha Ash, you ever been in the military? Know what “short arm inspection” is? 😉

  41. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…ok, I’m done now.

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