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  1. And the point I have also made is that I use ‘colour’ godamnit, so I don’t know why I am being used as an example of a opposer of British spelling!

  2. Mad2: purebs, it isn’t laziness. It is because the Brits use WAY too many vowels. Like ‘colour.’ Who the hell needs a ‘u’ in there?

  3. lol @mad2 – stay calm 🙂 You guys fight it out, I’ll be checking back in the morning to see who wins.

  4. i’m saying they are both accepted spellings and the different spellings make different words with the same meanings, in the case of the color/colour argument.
    the standard words can be changed and modified with different forms though. i would say artistic license is an acceptable reason. why use words like crown when you know words like coronate? and it is a real word. it’s been around a while. a coronation? that’s not something we often have here, so i’d say that originated elsewhere.

    and that is perfectly reasonable to object. those people are assholes.

  5. HOWEVER they’re not even different words. ‘Color’ and ‘Colour’ are alternate spellings of the same word. The former is more efficient. It is also WRONG.

  6. @54


  7. Haha curly I’m not upset, I curse more as a means of adding flavour than anything else.

  8. Mad2, I’m English, you’re American. Don’r criticise my language and I won’t criticise yours.
    And please stop referring to your dialect as English. It’s Amerenglish at best.

  9. Night mad, hope the tattoo isn’t stinging too much.

  10. color color color colour elephant

    one of these things is not like the others,
    one of these things doesn’t belong.
    can you tell which one of these is not like the others,
    by the time i finish this song?

  11. I don’t give a fuck how any other nationality spells their words. It’s when they sneer at me over how I spell mine that I get annoyed.

  12. Pedant, feel free to criticise my language as much as you like. And I never said my dialect is English. I said I ‘try’ to use British spellings.
    Lex, you can’t just randomly change the spelling of a word the way Americans decided to. I mean if we can change ‘colour’ to ‘color’ then I think I’ll change ‘photograph’ to ‘foutograf.’
    Curly the tattoo feels great.

  13. Fish can legitimately be spelled ghoti

  14. Korrekt.

  15. I agree with Pedanticoldgit in that I don’t care how another nationality spells their words as long as I’m not attacked for my spellings. But, also with mad2 in that i have begun to change words to Brit spellings. I’m on the fence.

    However, Pedantic, we can say we speak English. We use the same words, just with different spellings. We certainly can’t say we speak Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, or any other dialect which uses symbols. We don’t use Spanish or French words, which, while they use letters of the alphabet, are not English. That’s just my opinion.

  16. Just to add a new layer of pedantry: Neither Hebrew, Chinese or Japanese is a dialect. They are all languages.

  17. On the other hand, American English might be termed a dialect, although a very broad one.

  18. Fucking nitpicky specifics.

  19. What an interesting comment section to read while on beer and the 18th Variation of a Theme by Paganini

  20. lol dddtl – sounds awesome 🙂 <4 me some Paganini

  21. Dear God! Take my eyes but please don’t insult my spelling!!!

    Honestly. Who gives a fuck??

  22. OMG how dare anyone take the innocent name of the chosen one, son of god’s name in vane? MJ is innocent as a new born baby. Even though he was acquitted and paid everyone off to be quiet.

    Chester The Child Molester King of Tots Wacko Jacko Michael Jackson is in hell most likely pounding his tiny meat to Lucifer.

  23. Wow this grossed me the hell out, and not much does. :/
    @ #6 yeah, that sounds very likely.

  24. David’s face as he reads that thread again and realises exactly what he said would make a priceless GIF.

    Clearly, he was making some self depricating comment about the size of his own penis… but I’m not so sure how that’ll hold up in court.

  25. Oh, and @71…

    Yeah, he paid people off – but what REAL parent would accept a bribe over justice when it comes to their kid being abused?

    I’ll answer that for you, a parent who knows their kid was abused.

  26. WASN’T abused*

    Damn, what an awful time to stop concentrating.

  27. Obviously it should be spelled with an æ (sounds like the ‘e’ in “eh”) and substitute the “ph” nonsense with a perfectly sensible “f”.


    You’re welcome!

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