Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Family Plan

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  1. God bless the day you took a shower?

    Wow thats a pretty low standard!

  2. LeChuck and the Self-Pride he never had.

  3. Eugh I thought these were from young soppy wee shit, but obviously from someone old enough to know better!

  4. Showery up, err’body! Bazinga!

  5. Meh.

  6. *Pouts*

  7. Wow….sounds like a complete jesus freak.

  8. bollywood_rocks83

    This needs to go to STFU Couples. The comments will do it better justice over there.

    I thought it was only is women who had the power to be this sickening. Chuck apparently has more estrogen than I can muster.

  9. Chuck is using the old ‘I love GOD, we love GOD, GOD loves us technique’

    This has been used by many men down through the ages to get their cock ends dipped… mainly Bishops and Priests etc.

  10. What does the -“John” is not “Jean”- part mean?

  11. ♫ ♪ ♫ “Showery the people you love with loser text messages…
    show them the way that you feeeeel……” ♫ ♪

  12. @jayne- I think the guy he texted is John and the one he was trying to text is Jean.

  13. Ah, okay. For some reason that I cannot fathom, I thought the person recieving the texts was a girl. So I was confused, John who?? Got it now.
    🙁 Reading comprehension fail.

  14. @Bollywood, if you think it’s only women who do that crap, it just means you’ve never dated a man. Trust me on this.

  15. Shame GOD couldn’t teach him how to use grammar properly. Dick.

  16. That new asshole boyfriend needs to be ripped a new one. Talk about overly obsessive and creepy.

    BritishHobo, I had a rage swing yesterday, and for the first time, I knew why you were so pissed. Because in my rage, I found some horrible penis cake jokes. Like we haven’t enough already. Now I understand why you seem angry about half the time. Too many idiots in the world. But hey, at least LB gives us a few good ones here and there, right? 😀

  17. You guys need to relax then.

  18. This sounded like one of those commercials about cyber-stalking/bullying or whatever it is that I see before movies these days.

  19. @Throwing Tofu that just fucking made my day. Well Done.

  20. why does his mom’s “new” boyfriend have his phone number? weird.

  21. @swan – Good question! o.O
    @jayne – I thought the same thing at first. Took me a while to get that part too.

  22. haha @BritishHobo I think God just sat there quietly shaking his head and thinking – dammit! another one that slipped through

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