Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Rough Stuff

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  1. i love u dakota

  2. i love u alords

  3. I love you too Bob, I was thinking of you too the other day when I was filing for a restraining order

  4. i love u ijklomarissa

  5. i love you sev-o

  6. i hate you alordlsums

  7. How old do you think Hannah and Dakota are if he cheated on her with a 6th grader? That seems awfully young.

  8. Yeah, I also always try to stup these nun works. Damn nuns with their damn charity.

  9. *stop

  10. Why do parents let their obviously mentally handicapped children onto facebook?

  11. I can only hope Dakota and Hannah are 7th or 8th grade tops, otherwise… oh man. Also, I wonder if it’s the same Bob; I mean it sounds like him and Jackie have a mace-reminds-me-of-you type relationship.

    Oh and I <4 you all.

  12. What are sixth graders doing to cheat? I refuse to think that they’re doing anything more serious than french kissing. I’d like to imagine Dakota cheated by holding hands with a sixth grader.
    I’m pretty naive, and would like to stay that way.

  13. Fuck you all. Seriously. I couldn’t give a shit about your relationship problems or your hormones, or your big fucking dog, or the fact that you think he’s an asshole but continue to date him you retard, or the fact that you post all your shit publicly like anybody cares, or the fact that your dull fucking friends are interested enough to comment.

    No, I couldn’t give a shit about that.

    It’s WHY. It’s YOUR. It’s A wonderful sweet loving boyfriend.It’s a FUCKING FULL STOP inbetween the sentences. 😐

    You two deserve each other. I hope the dog crushes you both.

  14. britishhobo u have no life seriusly all ur comments are so shit and noone cares about them ur not a fuckin author

  15. My two books say differently.

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Alord, Anonisgayisgay #6 just made me laugh out loud class and everyone turned to look at me so a had to pass it off as a weird sneeze mixed with a yawn.

  17. I really don’t see the problem with dating 6th graders. They think my van is cool.

  18. #6 is perhaps the first time that he’s said it and it’s been at all appropriate, pertinent to the thread of conversation, and therefore funny. but you oughtn’t encourage him!!! :-p

    @hobo – your comments are obviously noteworthy and thought-provoking as they seem to warrant constant critique. and the second book wasn’t as good as the first – i never really got the ‘sandy’ character.

    oh, and for the record, anon, i’m completely indifferent to you.


  19. oh and for the record, suck my balls

  20. all this glitter and trauma eh…?


  21. hello again. can anyone tell me why the formerly clever hobo’s posts have been so angry? yes, lamebook proves time and again the declining intelligence in people of the world, but it’s been established, so just laugh/cry about it instead! :)/:(

    p.s. – what would you call a simultaneous laugh/cry? or cough/sneeze? i tried to think up clever names, but failed 🙁

  22. he’s going through a divorce, and his second book isn’t selling so well…

  23. Perhaps he’s in the anger phase of coping with amusing posts to Lamebook having abandoned us all.

  24. Dukey, it made me laugh, too.

    anon, you amuse me. A lot.

  25. mariah, he’s always been angry. You’ve never noticed? It’s his thing, and we love him for it.

  26. What books did Hobo write???

  27. Wondering why they bothered blurring out Hannah’s non-picture.

  28. Erm… A sixth-grader? That would make her how old? 9? (random guess)

  29. Acording to the Sweet Valley Twins, who were in 6th grade for, like a million years or whatever, the 6th grader would be 12-ish.

  30. Oh, that’s fine then. Like I always say: after 12 is lunch.

  31. The first one with Hannah reminds me of why it was so much better on facebook when only college students could join. Now you have idiots letting their 6 and 7 year old kids join just to play the stupid games and other morons who make profiles for their unborn children. Ridiculous!

  32. word, i did notice, but he was angry in a witty fashion, you know, one of the greats of lamebook commenters. now he’s just angry :/

  33. mariah, I suggest you take it up with the Hobester, himself.

  34. Hannah and Jacklyn, please grow some self-respect. Or not. I guess we need insecure wenches in the world, otherwise the dumb asshole guys would never get a date.

  35. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a tin mace, pepper spray and some vaseline.

  36. I feel like Hannah is pretty young… that, or her boyfriend is a pedophile.

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