Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Folk That!

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  1. Yawn.

  2. where’s the funny?

  3. I don’t get the first one, and the others didn’t seem funny to me. “`

  4. Pattern, 99 Problems is a song. There’s nothing to get, really. Like the rest of this group, it’s just not funny.

  5. You have to find it mildly amusing that there have been so many parents posting comments on their children’s FB pages with incorrect birthdays or names spelled wrong. Wow. Just. Wow.

  6. It is mildly amusing. But being a mom myself, I find with each child a little more of my mind seems to deteriorate, lol. FWIW I do know my children’s names and birth dates, but I could imagine myself accidentally typing the wrong thing. My typos don’t limit themselves to topics not involving my children unfortunately.

  7. Liv T – could it be Tyler?

  8. The 99 Problems song is a song by, if it’s true that Beyonce IS pregnant, the father of the baby. So the joke is actually mildly funny. Stop hating so much.

  9. Since the only mistake is the 4th instead the 5th I think Joan just made a typo she probably remembers her kid’s birthday.

  10. that last one made me spew in my mouth a little….ewwwww

  11. Shunt is my new favorite word.

  12. Trollop, I still don’t think that makes it funny.

  13. hmmm… My gym is called David Lloyd.

    I smell a conspiracy…

  14. Why are her hips problem #1, she has wide hips doesn’t she? It shouldn’t be that much of a problem…

  15. @ladyrisk They will become problem #1 if she’s pregnant as she will most likely gain weight.
    #2 has already been said, just differently. The same idea though: Mom forgets daughter’s birthday.
    #3 epic creeper dad
    #4 took that creeper level and kicked it up about 50 notches. How the hell would HE know what his daughter’s smelt like.

  16. No, wait, I’m sorry, for #4, I smell wincest. 😉

  17. #4 is the sickest post on the entire site. They call it social networking for a reason. You need to be social, not gross.

  18. #4 smells like a fake to me…

  19. Parents who use ‘ur’ or ‘wud’ or ‘shudnt’ etc, on Facebook piss me off. It’s not a text, you fucking cretin. You must be the laziest fuck in the world to not be able to push those other two keys when you’re using a fucking qwerty keyboard.

  20. BritishHobo, same for e-mails, forum posts, etc.
    In SMS I can understand because you have space constraints…but by mail, there is no excuse. If you are in a hurry, write it later or don’t make it so long.

  21. ^^ agrees

  22. David thinks his daughters bucket of love stinks?!

    He should try smelling my daughters muscle tunnel!!

    For £12.50 and some chewing gum he can, for an hour.

  23. actually, i took the last one to mean that the daughter is a lesbian… which is slightly less creepy for a father to reference.

  24. I don’t think it is creepy for a father to suggest that many women’s privates smell like fish, and that therefore this would likely include his daughter’s. BTW vaginal secretions contain many of the same chemicals as fish. I’ve never noticed a similarity in odor, though.
    I do think it seems like this guy may have been drunk, based upon his inability to type.

  25. mad2, you’re just chock full of wisdom and tidbits of facts lately. Haha. I feel like I’m reading

  26. regarding #4, i know this girl. she’s a lesbian. no incest.

  27. Keona, with the lack of discussion of perversion and nymphomania as of late, I’ve been forced to begin spouting off random facts about rabbit cocks and fish chemicals…
    I have a large command of mostly useless facts.

  28. Wait, but this time there was relevance! Ok all women produce fish chemicals in their privates. So the dad would know his daughter _ought_ to smell like fish without having to check. Thus, no incest necessary, even if she weren’t a lesbian.
    Of course, one could be bothered by the smell of one’s privates anyway, so it only really makes sense if she’s a lesbian. As various people have asserted.

  29. All I can muster is a lmao and >_<. I apologize for the lack of naughty talk. I'm just not feeling it. Possibly a mood? I don't know.

  30. It is as much word’s fault as yours.
    Nonetheless I like spouting off useless information.

  31. I bet you’re a real card in person.

  32. What the hell is a card?

  33. To be a “real card” just means that someone is very entertaining: very humorous, or adept at keeping people interested with stories or facts.

  34. Ah, well I don’t know how entertaining I am, but upon looking up that it means a high eccentric person, then yes, that fits me well.

  35. I am ‘Liv T’
    My dad just showed me that we’re on here.
    I am gay. My dad was just saying that I shouldn’t mind the smell of fish.
    Nothing incestuous.

  36. LOL!!!! so win! ^

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