Tuesday, April 6, 2010


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  1. Ugh. I gave up about two words into the last one when my crafty eyes spotted no punctuation. Headache.



  2. Ok, forced myself to semi-read it… Isn’t John’s comment “he only dates losers anyway” kind of an insult? She doesn’t seem to think so, so maybe I’m just sensitive…


  3. 80% of women have HPV. And if can lay dormant in a man for quite a while. HPV really isn’t that big of a deal…

  4. “HPV (the virus). Approximately 20 million Americans are currently infected with HPV. Another 6 million people become newly infected each year. HPV is so common that at least 50% of sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives.”

    Freaking out about it is stupid. If you’ve had more than one partner, odds are pretty good that you have it anyway. I give these rants a big eyeroll.

  5. It*

  6. You don’t understand, dragging a box and clicking blur is difficult work.

  7. @3: yes, it was an insult. John doesn’t seem to think very highly of her ranting. Methinks he was trying to give her a subtle hint and she … well… doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.

  8. Yeah, I think that ‘insult’ flew right over Miss Pissy’s head.

  9. But I judge Catherine’s complete and total lack of punctuation more than I judge her STD or her ranting.

  10. Can someone please translate Marky above, what is “wylin out”?

  11. holy moly

  12. “wylin out” = flipping out, ranting, being crazy.

  13. I love how catherine doesn’t catch Johns insult about dating losers, and then asks him to send her a man..chances are, HPV isn’t the only thing she has.

  14. I now have that song from the HPV vaccination commercial stuck in my head. “I wanna be one less, one less…”

  15. Isn’t HPV the virus that gives you cervical cancer? Sure, if 20million Americans have it, it can’t be that bad, right? 😐
    Or have I got it wrong?

  16. Sadly, I’m about to get all serious on lamebook for a moment… I apologize in advance. Feel free to skip this.

    HPV is a big deal, and there are hundreds of strains. It does/can lay dormant for some time (so it’s easily spread), and seems to cause more problems in women than men, though there is research that is now pointing to some strains causing elevated rates of uro-genital cancer in men, as well.

    Certain HPV strains in women can cause cancer or infertility, and other than sawing out chunks of your cervix, there isn’t much to treat it at them moment.

    Aside from cancer, HPV can lead to genital warts(!). And HPV can be transmitted even when using a condom, if the virus is present in an area the condom does not cover and you have enough contact between partners.

    You can find a bit of info here (it’s an about.com link): http://cancer.about.com/od/hpv/p/hpvsymptoms.htm

    Again, I apologize for the seriousness here. We now return you to your regularly scheduled snark.

  17. People should have to take a test before they’re allowed to fuck.

  18. Breakfast at Jessica’s. No thanks..

  19. There is an HPV vaccine… bitches under 26, get it… folks, get your pre-teenage daughter the vaccine… come on people… pay fucking attention


  20. I have been paying attention. The vaccine is still too new for my comfort level, with regards to giving it to my children. Thankfully, I’ve got a few more years before they are at that age. Secondly it doesn’t protect from all HPV. There are tons of different strains out there. A person who has the vaccine is still at risk of getting HPV, just not particular strain. Caution still needs to be take with regards to sexual partners, and behaviour.

    It is very common, and some strains are not at all trivial. But a person with HPV doesn’t exactly stand out in a crowd, since such a high percentage do carry it.

  21. sigh… so what makes you uncomfortable about the vaccine? just cuz its new? And you always have to be careful with sex partner and behavior… but like you said hpv is everywhere… the vaccine for preteen girls is pretty much the only way to stop it

  22. This vaccine can protect the young female population from developing cervical cancer related to the HPV virus in their future.
    I say line up girls, and start getting jabbed.

  23. @slimjayz and @wordpervert, today I love you both (in a totally platonic, non-HPV-ish sort of way).

    Get vaccinated ladies. People made the same stupid “It’ll make kids more promiscuous” and “Oh, but is not getting dead really worth the minuscule risk of injection reaction?”, arguments about the Hep B vaccine when Miss Shegas was a young girl.

    Guess what? It simply kept more people from getting an incurable disease; it didn’t make them more or less likely to fuck; it’s now part of standard immunizations.

    Damnit, I hate being forced out of my lamebook levity by real life stuff…

  24. lol

  25. i was already too old for the vaccine when it came out. 🙁

  26. Miss Shegas, I love you every day.

    virgo, I also wish the vaccine was around back when I was a young babe.

  27. businessofmisery

    A lot of people were already too old or already infected by the time the vaccine came out, so we shouldn’t judge them too harshly.

  28. business, that was my point. I certainly don’t think it’s NOT a big deal. Trust me on taht. But it’s so prevalent that I don’t judge those that have it.

    Gardisil is still controversial for it’s safety:

    Gardisil only protects against 4 strains (of over 100) of HPV.

    Also, an estimated 80% of HPV infections will be cleared by the body’s immune system.

  29. The main aim of the vaccine is cervical cancer protection.
    The strains it protects against are those that lend themselves to cancer formation.

    As for those that cause warts and the like, well that’s another issue. Safe sex overall is the best prevention.
    Getting a STI is not good I know, a hassle, often one for the long haul, with many implications for future sexual relationships and child birth.
    But HPV related infections of the warty type won’t kill you, cervical cancer can.

    So I repeat girls, get vaccinated.

    Love Nurse word.


  31. Catherine seems to be channeling her inner-Canadian with the use of the word “aboat.”

  32. HPV club! sounds sexy!

  33. JesusOnADinosaur

    Thank goodness I got my vaccines.

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