Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. first

  2. ^gay

    I think I would rather have a VD than watch VD.

  3. BringYourOwnSun

    So stupied

  4. hehe. penis for your thoughts. lol.


  5. Its the fucking Beatles

    Ben? WTF? If this is the future of our planet maybe I should start selling shotguns for those that want out.

  6. Juliana’s is the best- I love when autocorrect changes the meaning, for the better. Jude’s is pretty funny too.

  7. I wish i could get into a permanent comma 🙁

  8. Spell check, making fucks into ducks and ending fights with laughter over your stupidity. Next up, Anna on anal, what’s her take?

  9. lol

  10. in allanahs defense I say that its “tornado-ing” out. I know its wrong but its part of my charm….maybe we can believe that allanah is charming too

  11. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @els9874 I know what you mean. I say “it’s a bit trafficky”. Quite catchy, no? I find it funny that she went onto describe what a blizzard is for her buddy there… haha

    I liked the rest of them although it took me a few minutes to figure out the “penis for your thoughts” one…

    The fourth one should read “pIercings” before someone says they don’t see any typos in it. Guess they were getting their piercings the day “I before E” was taught…

  12. The fourth one should also read “affect”, not “effect”.

  13. Jaime beat me to it, yeah, it should be “affect”

  14. Hahah, semicolon… That tickled me.

    I also don’t think “blizarding” is that bad. It’s like raining, snowing, hailstoning… Much fun to be had adding “ing” onto words.

    Haha Juliana, I read her status twice trying to understand it and then read her comment. If that’s what spellcheck does to “Anna”, then that poor child will be called “Anal” her whole high school career. Assuming spell check is still around and stuff. Oh, shut up…

    I’m headaching. =(


  15. I wonder what Gemma’s English teacher called her? Lol

  16. haha Elle Bee! Hailstoning? You made my day. =D

  17. Awww, anal is perfect 🙂

  18. Whack-A-Noob time!
    VD reffers to what exactly? Other than vampires.
    Virgins or something I imagine…

  19. VD is venerial disease, maybe?

  20. Yup. Not good.

  21. Oh, come on. It’s a little funny when somebody brags about being smart while making a spelling mistake, and even more so when they’re calling you a dumbass and pointing out YOURS while making their own. But when you just show a post in which somebody made a mistake (‘blizarding’)… THAT IS NOT FUNNY.

    Lamebook, sometimes I feel like you don’t even listen to me 🙁

  22. Agh. Venerial Disease :S I see.
    @BritishHobo Naww, it was cute. Blizzarding. Teehee.

  23. CanIHasFrenchToast

    Penis for your thoughts LOL I <3 Family Guy.

  24. Auto correct on the Droid is awful!

  25. I wonder sometimes, when people make really unfortunate mistakes like Julianna, why not just delete and re post it instead of correcting yourself in the comments? I’d be too embarrassed to leave that kind of post up for everyone to read! maybe that’s just me..

  26. Android autocorrect really is the biggest pain the arse.
    I get ‘Afghanistan’ instead of ‘argh!’ I mean, REALLY android? REALLY????

  27. @maxgray – I’m with you, if I post something and realize that I’ve made an error, I delete it and repost..thanks lamebook 🙂 haha

  28. semicolons? where were they?

  29. So, do people like Kyle’s status because they’re proud of his accomplishments…? or because they noticed that college has clearly not corrected his problem of being completely illiterate.

  30. I thought Juliana was recommending anal to Joann and Rich and commenting on how beautiful Joann is, making it all the more reason to do it. But then her reply ruined it, lol. I do happen to like the idea of ‘Anal Anna.’

  31. @CanIHasFrenchToast, that episode was on last night. and, since one cannot even take a poop without posting it on Facebook, i am guessing Jackie was watching it last night too.

  32. @ maxgray

    Julianna posted from her phone.
    I have an iPhone, and I can’t actually delete posts from it.
    She may have a different phone that allows you to delete posts, but I’m going to give her benefit of the doubt…

  33. For some reason on my Facebook, when people make a mistake in their status, they repost it minus the mistake, but leave the old one up… which seems kind of pointless to me.

  34. @olive you can “swipe” any statuses you want to delete.

  35. Auto correct or predictive text can be a problem. I use it on my phone. I’ve got myself into trouble on occasion texting my sister.

    When I key in her name, the phone always gives me “les” as its choice. That may sound ok, but that’s not her name, that’s her sexual preference.

    So I have to make sure I check before sending.
    Saying “hi les”, while true, is a little insensitive.

  36. Blizzarding is definitely going into my everyday vocabulary. Or, every snow day, at least.

  37. @jleebee – amazing! thanks for the tip!

    When typing my friend Abby’s name, it is usually auto-corrected to “baby” – leads to awkwardness. 🙂

  38. Oh, and as a math teacher, I’d say that Gemma deserved it.

  39. MsBuzzkillington

    I like Blizzarding too. It is a cute word.

    I am sorry to ask but… I don’t get the semi colon joke, can someone please explain?

  40. He said “comma” instead of “coma”. Comma is a punctuation, so is a semicolon.

  41. MsBuzzkillington

    Oh man, I am so ashamed for not catching that. Now it’s funny.

  42. “Penis for ur thoughts” Ahahahaaa 😀

  43. firstly, why use autocorrect if it always screws up?
    secondly, blizzarding is just as okay as, say, boreder – a word I use all the time.

  44. briillliaaant.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  45. Check out the “Peircings/Effect” page. The comments left by the fans are worse than the page title…sad.

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