Friday, November 11, 2011

You Win

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  1. Oh how I yearn for the days of Not So Shore and Suroor!

  2. The first one made me ROFL!! 🙂

  3. Name blurring fail, once again…

  4. I don’t understand Tom.
    Are the ribs good or shit or…what is his problem?

    Is he just an attention whore?

  5. Just an attention whore like you MsAnne

  6. ^ Yo be hating, huh?

  7. Shhhh Hawkbit, don’t scare him off. I wanna try and make his head asplode with self-righteous online indignation.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    Anyone notice that patrol boat and aircraft carrier are off the grid on the right hand side…? I see a wuss drinker.

    Great drinking game though…

  9. Zhangoo, stop being a cunt. thanks.

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