Friday, November 11, 2011

Rappin’ Rabbi

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  1. first. :)))))))

  2. Don’t forget to print out this page and stick it on your fridge with a pretty little butterfly magnet.

    Congrats Mr. Mcgruffy you just achieved the pinnacle of greatness! you are now the envy of everyone in your neighborhood!

    as for the post…. can we please get a little more jew hate? i don’t think there’s enough.

  3. Notorious Y-I-D?

    Is this Jewhate? In that case, any hilarious juxtaposition of something more commonly associated with one ethnic group to another is out the window…

    There goes my Korean cowboy routine…

  4. Don’t mind ciremelf.


  5. Matisyahu.

  6. Jew Z.
    DJ Thrifty Jeff.
    Lil Weinstein.

  7. jewdacris

  8. Outcast?

  9. What do Jewish women and pennies have in common?

  10. I dunno.

  11. Jews run the banking cabal that is strangling the life blood from the planet?
    Hitler was right?


  12. So much Jew, so much money, etc.,etc.

  13. cieremuff, jealous of mcgruff’s first much? wtf’s Jew?

  14. The post and comments are not even remotely funny. Puns should have died with the dark ages.

    Moving on…

  15. Mazel Tov MFer!

  16. The Beastie Boys! Oh, wait…

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