Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I’m Still Horrified

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  1. Why horrified? That’s the best way to eat a steak.

  2. She’s going to be the type of kid who burns small animals and other things on her spare time.

  3. The French word to ask for a rare steak is ‘sanglant’ which literally translates to bleeding. If you want to France and asked for a ‘rare’ steak, they might try to find you one that there aren’t too many of.

  4. she’s got à point there…

  5. #3 “If you want to France”?
    I want to French kiss or want some French Fries.

  6. “Rare” is “saignant”, not “sanglant”.
    “Sanglant” means bloody as in a battle. People would think it very strange if you ask for a “steak sanglant”…
    We tell the story of a French client who ask for a “bloody steak”. The waiter is taken aback and asks “Will you take F*** potatoes with that?”

  7. ^Welcome to Lamebook, we’re allowed to fucking swear here.

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