Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye University, Hello Embarrassment

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  1. Finished university, drinks, and porn hub at the side.
    Somebody’s gonna have a good time.

  2. Maybe, once, this was done by accident. Ever since then it’s been staged for comic effect.

  3. Wait, did Noobsauce actually say something worth clicking the thumbs up?

  4. I don’t know, Noobsauce. I can see it being not noticed if the web address is shown in the header without the page being up, but when you have the full porn hub logo showing with some girls ass next to a blank Google page, you have to of known and posted this picture for people to see.

  5. Nobody should be bragging about graduating from Universiteit Gent. It is the Arizona State of the Netherlands…

  6. ^ Are the girls as hot?

  7. phillipe seems like the type of guy who would be into all kinds of freaky shit…red karls, Monroe transfers, extreme S&M, Japanese devil dogs, mississippi mud pie, mexican corndog,a north texas puppet show that kind of thing.

  8. @haggie: I doubt it’s the Arizona State of the Netherlands since it’s a Belgian university. But nice try.

  9. @haggie: Gent isn’t even in the Netherlands, you idiot

  10. @haggie – According to the World University Ranking, Ghent University is right behind University of Colorado – Boulder, but ahead of Vanderbilt University and Darthmouth College. Not bad.

  11. Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland. Doesn’t matter, all are racists, and imprisons their daughter in the basement and starts breeding on her.

  12. Ohh, and they’re all very prejudiced too!

  13. Even so, StupidDane, I like to look at the bright side of life (tu dum tudu tudu tudum); I’m happy that I can get a wireless signal down here in the basement.

  14. ^ Your mom’s 386 can’t show Lamebook?

  15. #13, and I have a feeling you’re going to get lucky tonight!

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  17. I don’t see anything wrong with this. That’s part of the celebration: a bottle of bubbly and some porn.

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