Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State or State Pen

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  1. Codename Dutchess

    The Penn State kids who are rioting over this are fucking idiots. “You fired our figurehead of a coach who hasnt personaly done shit in over a decade for letting his friend continue to have to access to children for years after he knew he was a pederast? HOW DARE THEY!”

  2. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Caring about sports.

  3. Not that I approve of violence, but if there’s some Penn State kid with an itchy trigger finger tired of getting pushed around by ignorant jocks… your time may have come, and many of us may or may not secretly approve…

  4. is it me, or has lamebook been going downhill?

  5. You can tell when it’s going downhill because you stop reading it, let alone bothering to comment.

  6. If I was from this state-Pen-whatever, I would be all like ‘Yo, how comes Catholic Priests and Bishops can cover up decades of abuse, and our coach can’t do a tiny bit of covering up’?

    That’s not fair, yo. It’s just not cricket.

    Actually, not that last bit. Fuckin limeys…

  7. Come on, forcible rape of kids is funny stuff! No big deal. Nothing to see – move along. The Penn State kids who are rioting in support of the people who looked the other way are totally in the right! If I ever see one of them being held down and violently sodomized, I’ll be sure to tell my dad all about it.

  8. Most college students are…

    A) Selfish. They only care about themselves. They weren’t even born or in diapers when that sick turd Sandusky was doing that to kids.

    B) Know it all’s. They are in college, they actually listened to their professors (sometimes) so now they think they know more then everyone else.

    C) Naive. They are too wrapped up in the coach getting fired they cannot take the time to sit back and look at what is happening and what has happened.

    Now grant it, not all college students are like this. I can only imagine how embarrassing it must feel to be a student at that school right now.

    And to think we the public are only getting the beginning part of all this. I have a feeling that more will be learned as time goes on.

  9. hey spidarious, fuck you
    I’m a college kid, but I am not selfish, naive, or a know it all.
    But I do know grammar, for example, “know more than* everyone else,” and “grant it”? Really? Did you maybe mean “granted?” Maybe if you weren’t so poor or stupid (perhaps you’re both) you could go to college (or high school) and stop talking shit. And you call college kids naive. Shame on you.

  10. People really need to realise that pointing out that somebody has made spelling or grammatical errors in their posts just makes them look desperate to ‘win’.

  11. Um. ‘Know more then’ is a lexical error.

    But yes, he does sound like a fucking wanker.

  12. Spidarious:
    A) I question this claim of selfishness being pervasive among college students. I also question the relevance of their birth date to this issue.
    B) They certainly know more than you. Probably they know more than people who haven’t gone to college.
    C) College students tend to be the most cynical people on the planet.
    Squiffy, when a person claims to be a font of knowledge and then fails to even write properly, it reflects poorly on their claim to sagacity.

  13. Who cares?

  14. spidarious. You are correct and I agree entirely. In fact, I would go so far as to say that everyone under the age of 35 is a naive, misinformed, selfish little fucking know-it-all that they should keep their fucking whiny little gobs shut.
    And they should be left out in the woods to get eaten by bears.

  15. @Squishy “I’ll be sure to tell my dad about it.” I’m with you.

  16. @joejon – definitely going downhill.

  17. @mad2physicist, “then fails to even write properly” should properly be “then fails even to write properly.” As you say, had you been claiming sagacity this would indeed have reflected poorly on you.

  18. Fuck me it’s like your not even allowed to touch young boys gonads in the locker room anymore!

    The rioting Penn State College kids have struck a blow to the draconian restrictive laws that govern the touching of genetalia in locker rooms.

  19. Dear leoct, good on you for not being selfish, naive or a know it all. You certainly proved it by taking a random comment as a personal insult, correcting that persons grammar and suggesting that they might be poor.

  20. I find it ironic that people are getting butt hurt about comments to this post. So……so ironic.

    Let’s stop whining, people of ALL AGES and ALL EDUCATION LEVELS and start being adults. I assume we’re all capable.

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @leoct, college kids are usually to dumb to poop. You certainly seem to fall into that category.

  22. Oh my fucking God everyone, on the count of 3, unwad your panties and or jock straps! 1, 2, 3!


  23. Ahhh… Thanks, Alan. I feel much better now.

  24. haha at 22.

  25. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    So college graduates are more concerned with finding a job in a work environment where they are trusted and treated like human beings and allowed to manage their own time and workload than they are with salaries? What’s wrong with these kids today!?

  26. but are we really that obsessed with social media that we need to have access to it 24/7 even while were at work? i personally don’t love facebook and thats part of why i like lamebook because i feel like its all about making fun of and questioning the stupidity of those who are obsessed with fb…right?

  27. mable, it’s not just about the access to facebook, per se.
    It’s about being behaving and being treated as a sentient, responsible human being. Your boss does NOT own your thoughts nor should they have the right to control you absolutely.
    If you have a quiet moment,taking a break or whatever, you should be free to do reasonable basic shit.
    Have you heard of the concept of freedom? Self-determination?

    I like this idea because money really shouldn’t be that important. Quality of life has to account for something, right?

    obligatory joke:- blah blah blah…and then we sexually defiled a dead hooker.

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