Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sharing is Caring

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  1. I bet Sabina said that the time before as well… never learn will you?

  2. Oh and Rickelle, with a name like that, I’m sure you have man-parts as well, so just use those. There’s a good chap-lass.

  3. Stubby…are you..are you from the UK???

  4. EUGH just noticed that was Bradford, if that was Bradford UK what it actually means is Bradistan.

  5. l@ug4 0u7 l0ud l1k35 70 g@rgl3 h15 0wn j1zz wh1l3 b31ng r@mm3d 1n t43 p00 s4007 by 3 bl@ck 543(she)-m@l35.

    (Found that thread)

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    Just how fucking lazy are you Rickelle?
    Use your fingers for fuck’s sake, or a fucking melon, tennis racquet, fire extinguisher or whatever it takes to satisfy your gaping, man-scaring fuck-hole…

  7. I’m picturing rickelle is a hermaphrodite juggalo

  8. Fake. There’s no “seven minutes ago” or fuck all else. Self-submission from some shrivelled up cunt who lacked the short and curlies framing her dripping toothy quim to press post.

  9. Rickelle refuses to be a DJ.

  10. To be fair, there’s a giant difference between vibration stimulation and hands. I’d recommend a shower head for a replacement.

  11. ^try the handle of a chainsaw.

  12. There’s a difference, I’m sure, but when you run out of options…

  13. Try the chain of the chainsaw

  14. Try the man wielding the chainsaw.

  15. Thank you crusty, I am flattered that you thought of me long enough to type your special code to me <3
    I'm sorry to have gotten to you so terribly that all you seem to think about is me though. = (

  16. It’s all good. I like to push my own educational boundaries.

  17. Wouldn’t the 2nd one be a completely pointless act? Assuming he’s faithful, she would be the only one to see it. Otherwise, he’s basically saying “I’ll probably cheat on you, but at least they will know who the clueless gf is.”

  18. Pointless, fadingnewdawn? Not at all. Rachel is so swept up by the romanticism of his pube stylee that she’s posted about it on Facebook… which means that he’s going to get at least a month’s worth of hummers out of this.

  19. Ew, ew, ew.

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