Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sacked Out (NSFW)

Sacked Out 1

Sacked Out 2

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  1. Why would this ever be posted?

  2. Good Lord. Lamebook is like “Oh hey you think our posts have sucked today? BOOM! FUCK YOU! Here’s a ballsack.” Yowza

  3. waxed?!

  4. Megan’s right. It is “embarrassing”. And also, “LOL”.

  5. At least it isn’t in the poor guy’s mouth.

  6. Great, so this guy can balance an egg on his forehead whilst he sleeps. That’s not that lame.

    Oh wait…

  7. What Barney said

  8. You`ve been balled!

  9. Dude, they are erasing the posts! SOS

  10. goddammit facebook, t-bagging photos are not made to be put on the internet.

  11. Hot.

  12. CLASSY

  13. Nuts on his face… and here I thought it was going to be about anaphylactic shock. Does anyone have Mark’s phone number?

  14. Someone archive this one and spam it to the user whenever he deletes the photo.

  15. I remember when this sort of thing used to be funny. Oh wait, no I don’t.

  16. giggle giggle

  17. This must be after the keg stand and before the shaving cream in hand and tickle the nose.


  18. I’ve never really understood the point of this prank. Like “Oh man, you should’ve seen it! He was so passed out he didn’t even know my balls were on his face!”

    Well, yeah, but you were the one putting your balls on another guy’s face. And you were wide awake and fully aware of your actions. Who’s really the bigger loser here?

  19. Who’s balls are they? I see no body.

  20. Wow, this fully reminds of the Dave Chapelle Stand Up where he is talking about why he only gets drunk with black people. He says something to the effect that “I don’t get drunk with white people because when you get good and drunk they tend to do some border line gay ***** to you, like sticking a carrot in a your ass.”

  21. I notice his tea-bagging moment was filed in the ‘randon’ moments.

  22. Man those are some freaky balls. Ive never seen them clean shaven like that. It actually makes them uglier.

  23. Carolyn don’t underestimate the greatness of shaved balls! Waxed are even better. Probably torture for the guy but who really cares hehehe

  24. Im sure its much better. 🙂 But balls are ugly regardless of hair or shaven down. Nothing worse then gagging on a hair though LOL!

  25. Crucial

  26. Fer God and Countrie

    Is that one of them “teabag” parties what Glenn Beck keeps talkin’ about?

  27. At least Curtis finds this awesome

  28. If this is in the US, this is sexual assault in most states. Likely felonious.

  29. Way to be a nark #28!

  30. Is not wha’ you think it is…it’s not putting your sack on your buddy’s face.
    In other words, teabagging has an actual sexual meaning. Please see Urban Dictionary. Sorry if someone has already posted this “update”.

  31. were the humour ppl?? This is HILARIOUS!!

  32. those balls are as smooth as eggs!

  33. um…I don’t think that’s BALLS. Looks like a dickhead to me.

  34. T-bag
    3 points!!!

  35. it took me really long time to understand what was going on in this picture.. and that looks like a dickhead to me too.

  36. If that is a dickhead, #33 and 35… it would be a pretty HUGE one.

    just looks like a tightened sack of extremely smooth balls to me.

  37. I found the name of the album more amusing.

    That’s a ‘randon’ moment alright 😉

  38. #1 ….. really? really?

    Why the fuck WOULDN’T this be posted XD

  39. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Holy fuck im laughing harder at the comments then the actual pic! Funny fuckin shit

  40. Does anyone else think that this pic is a tad gay? I mean what straight guy is going to put his balls on another guy’s head whether he is sleeping or not?

  41. Why not go all the way and put it on his lips?

  42. fluffythestayinschoolsquirrel


  43. I don’t understand why guys get drunk and do gay shit and try to pass it off as a simple prank. It’s like ‘Uh, you do realize that you whipped out your dick and PUT YOUR BALLS on ANOTHER GUY’S face?’ I’m willing to bet quite a few of guys went the extra mile and shoved a whole dick down some poor drunk guys throat and tried to call it a joke.

    It’s pathetic.

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