Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get Her Tea, For the Love of God

Get Her Tea

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  1. I don’t know what is going on here but FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

  2. Blumpkins4McCain

    dam the stupid city counsil!

  3. people are seriously like this? and are in relationships? damn we’ve got some sort of future ahead of us…

  4. Are they talking about spunk?

  5. Fuck sakes man, you amateur!!!

  6. richard fucked your mom in the ass

    dude what the fuck how old are you guys ! fucking grow up ! cock sucking mother fuckers get a life

  7. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s talking about spunk. Might go search for her on red tube.

  8. If she is talking about spunky mcgoo, please add a dash of herps.

  9. Wow, this girl needs to get a life.

  10. Holy hell. I want to kill myself.

  11. moooo

    i hope she’s talking about spunk

  12. Why, in the 2nd last post, is she sitting at home, alone, in the dark, waiting to be picked up?

  13. “I had an awesome evening with my angel…there was just this noisy cricket outside that was kinda distracting while we did it…but we did it!”

  14. y’all know cricket is game right? and not a reference to spunk in any way. And the “we did it” part – her team obviously won!

  15. WTF Saphira? Every time I read your comment I just crack up all over again.

    Starting with “y’all”, I picture you as this goodly mother hen type, but then you ruin that by actually typing out “spunk”.

  16. wtf is a “cricket” ??

  17. ihatestupidpeople

    A cricket is a type of insect

    There is also a game called Cricket, which is what Saphira was referring to – it’s traditionally an English game, also played by Australians, SriLankans, Indians and various other countries.

    I’ve got a pretty dirty mind, and this didn’t come across as dirty at all. just lame. 🙂

  18. Dogs can’t tell it’s cold outside by looking out a window, you preposterous woman. They aren’t sufficiently capable of imagining their identity in hypothetical situations.

  19. I’m guessing she enjoys “watersports” with some dude named Angel.

  20. She probably acquired a nasty addiction to Opium seed tea. Her “Angel” turned her out and she’s desperate for that fix. Although I don’t discredit the spunk. I’m sure “Angel” has her involved in a low traffic prostitution ring.

  21. Or else “tea” is just a euphemism for sex.

  22. I had angel tea once. It makes you hallucinate. No wait, that’s mushrooms. Nevermind.

  23. ahaa. so stupid, shes like obsessed with the tea. seems like thats all she really cares about lol

  24. @Yougob — Couldn’t breathe laughing too hard.
    @Sem — Same.

  25. She must be mistaken…He isn’t an angel, he just drank Red Bull. Dumbass.

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