Tuesday, June 9, 2009

“There” Both Just Being Honest

There Both Just Being Honest

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  1. Kris should have also noted that Andrew shouldn’t have used a plural personal pronoun when referring to a singular subject.

  2. Bryan, suck an asshole. Nobody cares about you textbook definition.

  3. How do you suck an asshole? Where’s the protuberance?

  4. Herps creates protuberances.

  5. lol Bryan was kidding

  6. lmao @ this entire post

  7. that was deep like a jug… sh*t……..

  8. OMG! LMAO at this entry and at.. protuberance… LOL

  9. This isn’t lame, Kris is just a dick. Andrew obviously lost someone close to him, who gives a fuck if he spells something wrong?

  10. Andrew is full of shit. How do you miss a person if they are still there?

  11. Well to be fair nik my ex missed me while we lived together but were split, then missed me more when I moved out.

    Still, I’m quite sure Andrew is just an idiot.

  12. I think you’re an idiot


  14. I think that what Andrew means is the prospect of losing someone close seems manageable until you actually lose them. Also, I wonder if Kris is a bigger dick than he appears, if it’s he who submitted this to Lamebook.

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