Friday, November 13, 2009

Fam Friday




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  1. I get hard over dead people

  2. Who are these fucking “First” cockheads and who keeps feeding them oxygen??

    First Fail.

  3. Fuck you Ronald McDonald, your cheeseburgers give me diarrhea.

  4. Actually I think Miles’ present was inspired by For some reason, it’s really cool and trendy there if a 20 year old receives presents more suitable to someone 15 years younger. Such gifting occurences are shared on the site with comments such as “Best. Present. Ever.” or “New favorite parent? I think so.” I feel bad for the mom because she probably thought he would respond with this kind of comment, but I also feel bad for Miles because his mom thinks he’s an MLIA obsessed nerd which is kinda a low opinion of him.

  5. I feel for James in the last update. I’m regularly finding out about relatives dying via Facebook. Just brutal.

  6. Miles kicks ass !!!

  7. Lamer #2 is lucky. One time my mom sent me a four-pack of toilet paper with one roll removed. What the hell?

  8. Haters, Miranda is a legend. The only issue is why she would want to go back to school? It simply makes no sense. Enjoy the holiday biatch!

  9. @58 Haters? Legend?

    I actually am pretty sure you are being sarcastic, so until I know for sure I won’t say much.

  10. So they suspend the kids who can’t spell now?

  11. Doesn’t sound like “skool” is doing Miranda much good anyway.

  12. No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. What’s the issue with her? Sounds like she’s having fun.

  13. What is so freaky is that my Grandma, who was also born in 1931 and called Betty, passed away last week. Bad week for Bettys born then, I guess.

  14. Roxy – sure, she’s having fun now. That will change right quick in a couple of years when she’s out of school, and out of her parent’s house (she strikes me as the “I’m-so-outta-here-when-I’m-18” type), trying to support herself and having a hell of a time because she was fucking off when she was suppossed to be at ‘skool’.

    Of course, she might find gainful employment at a Taco Bell. Or as a stripper. Something nice.

  15. Oh, and Hay –
    sorry to hear about your Grandma Betty.

  16. Moosegeek, even if your outrageous assumptions turn out to be correct, there is no shame in an 18yo moving out of home and working at Taco Bell to support herself. If you look down your nose at her it says more about you than it does about Miranda. Poverty does not equal stupidity. Independence does not equal lack of education.

  17. I kinda agree. To be honest if you haven’t moved out by the time you’re 18 (for work or university) it’s a bit sad.

  18. Some people only have enough money to go to community college in this economy and therefore, don’t have the extra to live on their own. Don’t make stupid generalized comments.

  19. :::eyeroll:::
    Totally missed my point.
    Poverty does not equal stupidity. Getting suspended from school for sexting and drugs is stupid. Wishing her luck holding down that job at Taco Bell after her boss catches her sexting whilst high on the clock.

  20. this is why people should go to planned parenthood seminars

  21. I still don’t see what is so wrong with an 18yo working at Taco Bell. It seems like an appropriate job for that age group. I don’t see how it’s stupid to get suspended either. Suspension would indicate more about her behaviour than her IQ. She may have an issue such as ADHD which actually indicates an above average intelligence. Or she might just have the balls to try something new while she is young enough to get away with it. Just because she engages in certain behaviours at school doesn’t mean she will do so at work. If she NEEDS her job to survive then she would almost certainly have a different attitude. Maybe it’s a class thing, and you can’t see how obvious this is because you’ve had a cushy life. Or maybe you just enjoy judging people whom you are jealous of.

  22. Roxy, all of that could be true. But you left out one possibility. Perhaps she performs well at work because she’s getting paid to be there, but at school she feels no obligation to be show self respect and follow rules. And you do realize that you’re saying “try something new while she is still young enough to get away with it” to drugs and sexting?

  23. I don’t understand. What is sexting? Am I supposed to know? Someone please explain, I don’t understand the net lingo.

  24. Oh and Roxy do us all a favor and just leave. You’re making yourself look more idiotic by the second. Oh, and to those who don’t live in America, don’t start with the university thing. We don’t get any help with school like countries who actually care. Community college is California is now $26 a unit, meaning 1 class=$100. That’s pretty hard to work an $8/hr job and pay for that.

  25. *in California

  26. HeyTeach, I’m sure I left out many possibilities but I agree that she may not follow the rules at school because she HAS to be there. Don’t see how following the rules has anything to do with self-respect though.
    Also yes I do consider one school suspension to be “getting away with” drugs & sexting. She hasn’t had charges laid and she won’t have a criminal record. She got caught breaking the law but her only punishment is no school for 5 days.
    It confuses me why people think drugs & sexting is so bad. Sure sexting may come back to bite her, but it’s just a teen experimenting with her sexuality. She’s got to learn sometime. As for drugs… let’s not get all hypocritical here.
    Zoned, the mature thing to do when you disagree with someone is to express your opinion, not call each other names.

  27. LMFAO. “Judging people whom I am jealous of”? Yeah, that’s it. Absloutely green with envy, here.
    And since you don’t know me in the slightest, I’m not gonna take offense at the “cushy life” statement. I’ve supprted two special needs children singlehandedly for 10 years. Any time you want to come over and enjoy my cushy life, feel free. I could use a break. I’ve forgotten more about life that you’ll ever learn.

  28. *than. Damn.

  29. @jellybeans (#34)
    I was happily munching on my lunch when I read comment #34, then I laughed so hard that I sprayed it everywhere. Nice! But thanks for the laugh 😀 *goes off to find tissues to clean up aforementioned lunch*

    @Roxy (#71)
    Nothing wrong at all with an 18yo working at Taco Bell. If you need it to survive fine, if you are doing it for some extra cash fine. But, if you’re taking risks while “you’re young enough to get away with it” (or NOT get away with it as the case may be) and you’re still in school, then there’s a pretty good chance that 18yo working at Taco Bell will become the 28yo working at Taco Bell.

    Sure, getting suspended isn’t necessarily an indicator of actual intelligence. I know a lot of super intelligent people with no common sense whatsoever, but doing drugs and ‘sexting’ in school is pretty fucking dumb.

    As for the comment about sticking in a job and doing well if you really need it, and the whole issue about the class divide and having a cushy life – can’t be bothered to read through again. That’s a pretty massive generalisation – I know plenty of people who are desperate for cash, living on the breadline who are the laziest motherfuckers I have ever met who have no motivation to be good at their jobs. And for that reason they will always be in the crappy jobs, and always remain on the breadline. And you know, an alarming number of these people are the ones who fucked about at school doing, yes, you guessed it, drugs and shit. Though, since we didn’t have mobile phones then, to hell with sexting, they just did the real thing. I also know a lot of people who worked while they were at school not because they needed the money, but because they were brought up by their middle class parents to have some fucking respect.

    /end rant.

  30. Aw did my name calling hurt? The only thing I see is ‘idiotic’, which is what your ‘statements’ are implying. Seriously, you’re not making a point here, as you can tell by the fact that NO one has said anything positive towards or about you.

  31. I love Miles’ mum.
    So going to do that to someone one day.
    Just saying

  32. Oh yes, I forgot to say, my ex’s mum used to send him shit like that all the time. He lived with his dad for most of his teens, but saw her pretty regularly, but she never quite grasped that he was growing up. She’s a little strange in many ways… he regularly used to say he’d do anything for a ‘normal mum’. Poor Miles. it’s kind of cute but I can see how it would be annoying for him.

  33. LOL no Zoned, you did not hurt my feelings. We will just have to agree to disagree. No harm in that.

  34. wtf

  35. Miranda is a white trash whore…

    stupid whore getting caught with her cell phone in school.

  36. Miles mom is funny,

  37. What is this ‘sexting’?
    Is it sex while texting, I wonder.

  38. Read the forum!

    Sexting (a portmanteau of sex and texting) is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones.

    If it WAS sex whilst texting, then she’d have been having sex IN school… Not impossible, but really?

  39. OMG… Sexting is not a big deal and there are people that do it all the time without touching themselves. Drugs, however, is a different story… Damn crack addicts and I’m surprised she didn’t get arrested and expelled.

  40. my friend was busted suspended for a week for having cigerrates.

  41. Cigarettes?

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