Thursday, July 15, 2010

Read It and Weep

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  1. lol

  2. Paranoid Android

    Poor, so very very poor. Looks like it’s up to the comments section to provide the humour again.

    FUNeral Home? Really?


  3. I like the diet thing, I might do that for my obese (and might I add diabetic) dad. Having said that, if I wrote “your only cheating yourself”, I think he’d respond with “YOU’RE cheating yourself too by proving you’re a retard who can’t spell”.

  4. Funny, I don’t see any crabs amonst those seashells.

  5. *amongst

  6. necrophilliacs playground. Come and use our 4 star double coffins, try some of our barmy fluid and never again say you cadaver, you willaver!

  7. First two are weak. Really, ‘sTd’? They didn’t notice? I don’t buy it.

    I enjoyed the last one. Heh.

  8. Hahaha, that’s pretty awesome 😛
    STD one – Some people just don’t have dirty enough minds!!

    An interesting blog about our planet:

  9. If my spousal monogram spelled STD I would totally use it. I love making people uncomfortable.

    FUNeral homes, isn’t that where a bunch of clowns jump out of grandma’s casket right as they start to shut it for eternity?

  10. Tom FTW

  11. Unless he’s a porker as well

  12. Why does your monogram smell like rotting fish? And why does your MONOgram have 3 letters, you ignorant fucking racist?

    Why does a funeral home need a large, well-lit sign anyway? Fucking homophobes.

    Tom has too much time on his hands, the fucking nazi. I would have saved myself all the trouble of writing all those signs and just stuck all the stuff in my pockets/socks/underwear/etc and left.

  13. Riverside stop spamming your website. It’s already linked to your name so stop shoving it down our throats.

  14. *speaking like narrator* welcome to the FUNeral home,
    so FUN, people are dying to get in, so take a seat, we’ll help you select the right coffin for your eternity of death

  15. I’m not spamming it, I simply add the link to the bottom of my comments – it’s completely different from spamming.

  16. @riverside, right! And i’ve got d*ck written on my forehead.

  17. Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social networking spam, television advertising and file sharing network spam.

  18. @Walter:
    Anyone who calls someone a “fucking nazi” for having spare time doesn’t really rank highly in the list of people I’m going to listen to.

    Oh and the important word in your description there was “bulk”. One link at the end of a comment I was already writing isn’t in bulk so stop trolling!

  19. @Riverside, you forgot to “add the link” under your last two comments.

  20. Walter thanks for the deja vu. I’m flashing back to an early 60’s english caf; filled with singing vikings.

  21. How about a banana? Anyone?

  22. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    I have a friend named Tom, and he IS a fucking nazi. It’s probably the same Tom, so I think Walter is right.

  23. I’ll take one, nuff, thanks.

  24. i love posting my own photos on lamebook. my captions are always so funny.

  25. If you’re going to go on a diet it’s probably better to NOT buy a shit load of cakes and kitkats….

  26. If I were Tom’s parent I’d beat him. Not for being a dick, which would probably be my fault, but for his idiotic lack of knowledge of “your” versus “you’re”.

  27. @ Riverside – you suck. Your blog sucks. I now hate the planet and am going to go burn some styrofoam. FTW.

  28. @kate24…you legend.

  29. what are the read things on the right? candy bars? British or something?

    Riverside: No one gives a shit about your stupid fucking blog. stop posting it.

  30. historyprof – those are KitKats. They have them in Canada and the UK, you don’t have them in the States? (Assuming that’s where you are).

    As for the blog link in the comments, it’s spammy. People can see your name is linked. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a turn-off to others. If annoying others is worth a view curious views, I guess that’s your choice. I’ve got a blog but this isn’t the place to promote it. I prefer to not be hated.

  31. KitKat Chunky. Also known as the Big Kat in the States.
    I give him points for trying. Hell, Gotta give the poor bastard points for trying at least to get his parents to stop eating junk food.

  32. Yes I repeated. Its the early hours of the morning here. 😀

  33. Isn’t ‘spam’ also a delicious potted meat?

  34. Paranoid Android

    Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

    Spicy Ham. Who’d a thunk it?

  35. Riverside is a fucktard.

  36. wow, take a few months hiatus and its like I never left at all. Same arguments, same insults, same posters. sigh, home again at last.

  37. @riverside I like your blog.

  38. Did we all overlook the “I’m disapotent?”

    I’m sure they’re equally disappointed that they raised a little asshole kid who can’t even spell or punctuate correctly yet still publicly ridicules his parents.

    That rant aside, kinda funny idea.

  39. omg, i know that sign! that’s in garland, tx.

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