Friday, November 26, 2010

Neighborly Nonsense

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  1. spike

  2. oh ffs
    Joey’s an uptight cunt

  3. yuck, I remember when i heard my next door neighbours rutting like two geriatric lepers on speed….of course I was under their bed so it wasn’t really their fault.

  4. Presumably “mom” wasn’t the one Erick could hear, but she decided to tell the world she was getting boned for comedy value. Personally I think she missed a chance to throw in some BJ/Anal references to really fuck with poor Joey’s mental wellbeing.

  5. Oh man… hearing your parents have sex… AWFUL

  6. When my daughter was about 7 or 8, she called me into her bedroom late one night. “Mom, the people next door are having really loud sex.” We lived in an apartment; thin walls, etc. I went in there and sure enough, moaning and gasping. I said “Well, honey, they sure are… all you can do is bang on the wall a couple times.”

    Then I said “Out of curiosity, how did you know they were having sex in there?”

    “Because it sounds just like you and daddy.”


  7. When I first moved in with my wife in crappy little apartment we could hear the neighbours haveing sex all the time, it was kind of like a competition until one day the neighbour woman yelled out yipppeeee. My wife and I almost died laughing. We never heard another thing from them.

  8. When we lived in Chino we used to hear our neighbors violently fucking all night; our apartment was next to the men’s prison.

  9. manybellsdown 😀 😀

    That’s why i live in an apartment building, listening to neighbours having sex is great, it always makes us to have sex too 🙂

  10. jr888

    😀 I like your optimistic way to see life 😀

  11. Good old mom.

  12. Oh, actually, come to think of it, I have a story, though it’s not about my parents or some neighbour. While visiting in California, I was sleeping in my brother and his gf’s apartment. They had a bed be brought up as there was originally only one. Well, I happened to wake up, turn over, and not only hear gasping, moaning and movement, I see a giant lump under sheets moving about. I decided not to embarrass them and just turn back over and try to fall asleep. Though, they realized I woke up and started laughing.
    I didn’t think it was very funny.

  13. @#6 – kids aged 7/8 know what sex is already? Fuck me!

  14. @12
    kids 7/8 can do that now also. Although I’ll refer to imamofo on the legality and ethics of that…

  15. @12 I’m not a particularly conservative parent. She got “the talk” at 6, with updates as she got older. And um … unfortunately, I seem to be louder than I think I am. You have to tell your kids what’s up, or they come knocking on your door asking what those noises are.

  16. LOL @ manybellsdown. You rock! 🙂

  17. Dammit manybells down. I’ll be shitting myself from now until my daughter is old enough for the talk – possibly quite a bit sooner than I expected! She is only almost 2 though lol.

  18. Good for your manybells, I agree with your philosophy.

  19. This post inspired me to browse the “Taboo” section on Literotica again.

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