Monday, May 16, 2011

No Ifs Ands or Butts

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  1. How romantic.

  2. this so wring. imrallh upset by these retards.

  3. ifitwerentformyhorse

    1. Fucked up.
    2. Meh.
    3. Too young to have sex.

  4. Primates and all their food-for-sex trades… I just feel bad for all those poor women who don’t even get a slice of pizza!

  5. I fear JJ’s girl is gonna have a retard baby no matter what.

  6. The first one would be funny if it weren’t so very terrible. At least she broke up with him.

  7. At least lamebook got the menstruosity to a rear ending in under a day…

  8. 1. Learn how to spell, and why the fuck would you anal for food? He’s a creeper and you’s kinda a…well I dunno wtf you are.

    2. Eh. Typical stupids.

    3. Interesting fact I learned the other day in patho-phys. Yes you can, if there’s a rectal fissure leading into the vagina, or if semen trickles out the anus just right and gets into the vagina (and providing some of them lil wrigglers are strong swimmers). Not very probable, but there’s been a few rare reported cases.
    But I think any baby of theirs (JJ and his idiot girlfriend) would be retarded anyways. *snort*

  9. wingedwriter, if you’re taking pathophysiology, you’re going into medicine in some capacity. If you’re going to work in medicine, and you use the word ‘retarded’ as a pejorative, you will eventually come up against someone who would take great pleasure in having your job served to them on a silver platter with a slice of lime. Maybe you’ll pass your first classes and grow some compassion; if not, this field is not for you.

  10. OF COURSE you can get knocked up with butt-sex. How do you think lawyers are born?!?

  11. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Don’t car salesmen come from buttsex too? But I could be wrong. I’m not a doctor.

  12. @ sitnspin
    Apt name. Go find a dick and do as your nickname suggests. Your butthurt on the interwebz, it is amusing to me. 😉 Mmmm your tears. They make delicious lube.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go fuck a few girls in the ass and hope for retard babies with three eyes and no legs. *Aaaand let the self-righteous BAWWWfest ensue!*

  13. In case you didn’t notice, by the way, this is Lamebook. Not “Self-Righteous Holier-Than-Thou I’m-So-Perfect Stick-Up-Ass Snooty Comment Book”.

    Irreverent, inappropriate, and just plain old fucking stupid. It’s what we do here. Can’t handle the heat? Get outta the damn kitchen.

  14. sitnspin is either a doc who takes his colleagues too seriously or a retard who takes his colleagues too seriously.

    Or, of course, her colleagues.

    Just trying to be politically correct.

  15. You’re all retarded babies with no pizza!!

  16. I hate to say it, but I’m almost curious as to what bloviating fundie diatribe Fargis might have spewed in response to these.

  17. Aren’t straight guys who like ‘buttsex’ just closet cases anyway? Give me the good old vajayjay any day of the week.

    If you are in a position where you have trade your arse for food, you are either homeless or have some ‘food issues’.

    Unbelieveably fucking quiet on here of lately, have you all fucked off to a ‘cooler’ site?

  18. dont feed the troll winged writer

  19. @xians421 Ha thank you for that. I’m so using it on my boss the next time he pisses me off.

  20. If I couldn’t have pizza without first having butt-sex, I’d eat a lot less pizza. Finally a fad diet that really Does work! 😀

  21. comparethemeerkat

    @Paranoid, I think Suroor sucked all the life out of this place.

  22. Winged Writer said it all. My hero for this month.

    Hey, you can actually *buy* pizza at some places!

  23. …you know, with money.

  24. It sucks to be so ignorant that not only do you exude ignorance from every pore, but you also have no desire to change your ignorant ways because it’s juuuuust toooooo haaaaaard! Somebody call the waaaaaaahmbulance, we have a pack of morons that require the surgical extraction of their heads from their anuses. I’ll be happy to oblige, but there will be no anesthesia; we save that for the good people 😀

  25. yeah definitely closet cases, straight guys who like anal

  26. Hey, can someone get me the lube made from the tears of malnourished abused AIDS orphans? sitnspin wants to go another few rounds. DAMN, this guy likes getting fucked up the ass! Is it as good for you as it is for me, my sweet anal lover? Because you’ve left me satisfied in every possible way. 😉

    And noodles, I don’t so much feed the trolls, per se, as I do troll them right the fuck back. xD

  27. @10 I thought that’s how gays are born…

  28. @sitnspin, please, stop being so damn asshurt(no pun intended)about a SATIRICAL WEBSITE and the people who comment on such website. Lol, reading your comments was a pleasure though, thank you for that.

    and @wingedwriter, you’re awesome haha. I will try my hardest to find you lube made of tears from all the butthurt conservatives out there! :p

    One more thing, if you can’t stand some dirty, politically incorrect humor, then go twiddle your thumbs in the corner somewhere in between your sips of tea. M’kay?? M’kay! hopefully we’re on the same page now 🙂

    “Drugs are bad, m’kay.”

  29. meatspindotcom

  30. is buttsex the politically correct term for Anal?! I’m so out of the loop


  32. Is there any pizza left

  33. I think you consent to buttseks if you really want a slice, Ladyda…

  34. ifitwerentformyhorse

    sitnspin left to go trade buttsex for pizza.

  35. Pizza? That’s cheap. I used to charge my ex-husband 50 bucks.

  36. Jenniferrrr, I have 50 bucks for you. 😛

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