Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wrong Boxes


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  1. The real fail here, is the fact that instead of trying to deny it or saying someone hacked her facebook for some silly prank.. she made it worse by commenting it and admitting it.

  2. @Flesh Tea
    Mine still says ‘hide’ on wall posts. Do they have different versions or something? It wouldn’t surprise me if they’d forgotten to update something.


    I think the theory is that if it was a hack, that was PART of the hack.

  3. Can anyone say Jason’s Monster Fail?

    I feel tempted to call fake, but her grammar is perfect. Someone who can type that well can’t be THAT stupid…can she?

  4. @Dee
    What do you mean “can anyone say”?
    I just checked out Jason’s monster fail though, and holy shit, that is fucking awesome! I actually had a rather similar conversation with a friend a while back, but he managed to just send it to me. Far less entertaining.

  5. For all of you wondering whether or not it’s fake, it is without a doubt. For all you denying that it’s fake, you’ve clearly never heard of patient confidentiality. I think it’s even part of the Hippocratic Oath, although I may be wrong. But the obgyn would certainly never tell someone other than the patient that they have herpes, in fact they would probably get fired for such a ridiculous thing. But it’s fine, this deserves to be on Lamebook because of how much it fails as a fake.

  6. @hmmmm

    You must score well on reading comprehention tests eh? Men generally don’t visit OBGYNs by the way, so clearly the test results were regarding the girl writting the message, fake or not…

  7. @hmmm
    I’m rpetty sure she’s talking about her results, not his. I don’t think that’s the way to decide if it’s fake…..

  8. Oops.
    @or, no need to get arsey about it, it was a simple mistake, or am I wrong in thinking humans make mistakes sometimes?
    @Sarah, thanks. I agree with you now that I realise.

    But still, that was only one factor as to why I thought this was fake. It’s really quite a feat to post something on someone’s wall when it’s meant as a private message, as a completely separate box comes up when you send a PM, and the “Share” button is completely separate from the “Send this person a message” button.
    To remove a comment on someone else’s wall, all you have to do is hover the cursor anywhere on the comment and the “Remove” button flashes up. As she went to click “Comment”, to write her second ridiculous comment, the “Remove” button would actually have flashed up; it’s pretty much impossible to miss that unless you’re blind. Post something on someone else’s wall and try it out.
    Lastly, her stupid second comment is just too ridiculous to even merit belief.
    IMO this is a fake, probably a hack by someone who doesn’t like Hilary very much.

  9. I just went down on myself and gave myself the Herp.

    Woops, please delete. Don’t read this. Was meant to be a private message. Wait, if you dont read it then you wont know I dont want you to read it.

    Can someone tell me how to delete? I cant see that big X next to the message. You can read this part since I need help.


  10. oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer

  11. I have piles…


  12. fail really. you dont pay attention to what your writing

  13. stupid!!! lol!

  14. hmmmm…if she couldn’t figure out the delete, wouldn’t it be a better idea to “pretend” your friend hacked your account and posted this? Dumb and lame and herpe ridden. sad.

  15. Muthafukin' Maurice


  16. fuck you bitch…you don’t fuck up and then tell me i can’t read your fuckup.

  17. This was a fake from when 4chan hacked Facebook accounts. Fucktards.

  18. Do not read this!!!!

  19. Talk about full exposure

  20. The full story behind this is at

  21. it’s not real; but the actual story behind it is even better.

  22. well come on then mr exclusive, enlighten us.

  23. Jake–

    make sure you read comments 70 AND 71.

    The full story is at

    It’s very long, but funny.

  24. it is long.
    but it’s not actually funny.
    i guess sometimes you have to fluff your own feathers if you can’t find some non-existent person on facebook to do it for you.

  25. Oh no. My sister’s name is Hilary and her ex is called Daniel. Here’s hoping it’s not her.

  26. @Mack Lunn
    Ridiculously long, and really not funny in the slightest.
    I’m not even sure I know entirely what the girls were doing… I guess you prob shouldn’t add people you don’t know eh

  27. @H – the surname will give it away…

  28. haha bitch got herpes

  29. The “wrong box” reference reminds of Tracy with the “love cave” message from 4chan.

    Fake, IMHO.

  30. @Lajeve – it is fake, but not quite in the fake you’re probably thinking… follow Makc Lunn’s link, he explains it. In VAST detail.

  31. yeah it screams fake, esp after the 4chan thing a month or so ago

  32. LMAO! What an idiot!

  33. Yikes. That’ll put a crimp in the old love life.

  34. Advertisement fee on the right column: $2.50
    Facebook site: over $3,500,000 (or something like that)
    Not know how to use Facebook and seeing your friends reactions: PRICELESS

  35. I don’t care if it’s fake or’s still funny as shit. (:

  36. I totally agree. Either way, it’s a funny situation.

  37. Oh shiiiiiit. I’d be gutted.

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