Monday, May 21, 2012

Smashing Ashley

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  1. Stanielle? Really?

  2. Stanielle is fake.

  3. Ashley doesn’t put out, so that makes it ok for her husband to whore around. Fair enough.

    bradles, it has to be a made-up name. So many idiots on Facebook do it.

  4. ^not necessarily. Her parents may have named her after the both of them – Stan and Danielle. I’ve seen it before people, it is not pretty.

    Ashley seems to be lacking self-respect.

  5. Either way, the name sucks.

  6. Greg has the worst name of the lot.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Stanielle is fat.

    And Word is right about Ashley.

  8. have I stumbled into a country and fucking western song?

  9. Stanielle is definitely an uncreative tranny’s name.

  10. lol! I saw this in my news feed the other night, this is epic!

  11. MEROWR!

  12. renketsuwarrior

    Facebook these days is like a holding pen for the Jerry Springer show

  13. eat my dick renketsuwarrior

  14. renketsuwarrior

    Bless you trippinn for proving my point so eloquently

  15. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Facebook is ruining the telephone game.

  16. Lamebook is ruining Facebook

  17. ^and you are ruining this joint.
    fuck up
    fuck off.

    this is going to end poorly for you.

  18. #16, and the problem is…?

  19. is anyone else enjoying zuckerberg’s public humiliation as much as I am?
    hey, wouldn’t be awesome if lamebook was the reason the shares tanked? 😀

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