Friday, January 29, 2010

Remember Privacy?

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  1. Sarah and Emily in 15 years you´ll wish the guys want you for that.

    Michelle post = fake

  2. @eenerbl: I totally agree with lostintranslation, haven’t seen it either but the knowledge is enough to give you sleepless nights and i don’t mean the good kind.

  3. @ TalkingInPictures: I read the whole thing, but misremembered when I wrote the reply. In any case, I still say his reply is not douche-y because he is saying that he enjoyed making her feel good. His second reply, the one where she further fishes for compliments and specific ones at that, may be douche-y, but was more likely meant to be so in response to her lack of satisfaction at his first answer.

  4. I’m 27 and have never seen 2 girls 1 cup….like said by previous posters, I *know* what it includes, and the thought of actually seeing it terrifies a small part of my soul….

  5. I’d like to keep my soul from any terror! I’ll stick to my happy little world.

  6. 2 girls 1 cup…It’s terrible, really fucking terrible, even by my standards, which are flexible. It was kind of like a car accident with many fatalities, and when you drive by you don’t really want to see what’s going on, but you can’t help yourself. Then you REALLY don’t want to see it, but you can’t look away. I was scarred for life…

  7. @cusormortis: Hes not saying I miss making you feel good, hes saying I miss doing sexual things with a girl & feeling like I’m the man because you moaned & it really has been a while since I got some so I’m getting kinda horny & really don’t care about anything else

  8. ummmm are you KIDDING? of COURSE he’s saying “i miss making you feel good!” idiots. some people do NOT understand men. seriously. if he just missed sex he’d say something like you look so beautiful sucking my cock or i miss nailing you – some reference to dick would be there. he totally left that out because he wanted it to be clear that the focus was completely on her pleasure. what a good guy. and what dumb bitches…

  9. Good luck, Joe.

  10. ThinkingInPictures

    Haha, diva honey, you would sooooo get your heart broken by most of my guy friends thinking that way. If they say they miss hooking up with a girl, it’s because they can’t stand to be around her other than that and it finally got so bad, that putting up with her shit wasn’t worth the fuck. Doesn’t mean they miss making her feel good… if they meant that, they’d focus on shit other than the bedroom. Really, I’ve been the only chick in the group many times and I’ve heard this stuff said.

    Though I suppose it’s kinda idiotic for all of us to argue about what the guy meant when all we’re getting is the paraphrased meaning of his texts according to an ex who thinks he’s a dickhead.

  11. @ ThinkingInPictures: You’ve obviously been hanging around the wrong guys.

  12. Can anyone tell me if two girls one cup is anything like one man one jar? If so, I won’t bother googleing it! 🙂

  13. ThinkingInPictures

    Nah, I just hang around guys who don’t focus only on sex and being physical when they actually care about a girl. If most of my guy friends really cared about a girl, the first thing that comes to mind (at least that they’d say) when you ask what they liked or miss about her is not anything sexual because she meant more than that. If they go directly to the physical stuff, it’s because that’s all it was for them (or because they’re still pissed off about the breakup). Honestly, that’s all I mean. If you still don’t get that, I’m sorry, I can’t explain it any better.

  14. Sunnix just remember if you see it, it can’t be unseen.

  15. I think sarah should date robert …!

  16. diva – he only talks about physical things, which means he only misses the sex. a guy who only misses the sex is unlikely to be thinking about how she is missing out, unless he thinks he is god’s gift to women. i’m sorry, but you sound terribly naive if you believe that he is a good guy

  17. Sunnix, thanks a lot. I watched one man one jar…2G1C is just as disturbing, just less in a shards of glass, go-to-the-hospital kind of disturbing. Actually, I think 1M1J was slightly less traumatic.

  18. I’m sorry (no, really, I am!) but I had to google 2G1C… I am so glad I went for the Wiki entry not the video! Apparently, I am still shockable.
    “2 Girls 1 Cup is the unofficial nickname of the trailer for Hungry Bitches, a scat-fetish pornographic film produced by MFX Media.[1] The trailer features two women conducting themselves in fetishistic intimate relations, including defecating into a cup, taking turns ostensibly consuming the excrement, and vomiting it into each other’s mouths. “Lovers Theme”, from Hervé Roy’s Romantic Themes, plays throughout.[2][3]

    This one-minute trailer is a viral video that became a well-known Internet meme among bloggers and message boards for the reactions its graphic content elicited from viewers who have not seen such films before.[4][5] Around mid-October 2007, video sites such as YouTube were flooded with videos depicting others’ reactions to watching the video for the first time.[6]”
    -Wikipedia, 2 girls 1 cup. (

    Thanks Julie. Please never post a status update again.

  19. Joe’s status has to be a joke. No man in his right mind would actually consent to that. Nasty!

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