Friday, February 24, 2012

Weight to Go, Grandma

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  1. First? Me?!?

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    Yes you are FIRST benladen!

  3. Cute but leaves me with a question…Who the fuck pays $950.00 for a laptop?

  4. Aside from the lack of numbers, even digi, I would have assumed it was a scale too #cheapfuckinglaptop

  5. Probably mommy and daddy, considering her friend left it on the floor at her g-mas house. Jailbaits getting dumber and dumberer these days.

  6. $950 is a steal if it is an apple laptop.

  7. $950 is a steal if it’s a decent laptop of any brand. Cheap laptops are trash. You get what you pay for.

    But why would Grandma randomly stand on a scale in the middle of the floor? Was it left in Grandma’s bathroom next to the shower?

  8. You get what you pay for. <—-grannyzilla!

  9. It’s not “her”, it’s “him”. Lauri is a rather popular Finnish boy name and this individual chose to copy this story from the internet, where it has been traveling around quite a bit, only in Finnish.

  10. why would granny even bother hopping on a scale? not like anyone gives a shit about women over age 60 50 40.

  11. ^^….except herself…??

  12. Fuhake

  13. be funnier if it was english, then he could have said £400.00 (I say 400 as England is a lot better which is reflected in the exchange rate)

  14. ^so if grandma was an american, you could say she weighs the same as 400 euros.
    Which she prolly does.

  15. Euros aren’t a measurement of weight though. £’s (lb’s), are.

  16. Nor are they a measurement of British currency. *spit*

  17. did you just spit out a mouthful of ejaculate, bluhevs? huh. I always took you for a swallower.

    nah crusty, i meant meant ‘euros’ as in a european ciizen. eg. I yank = 400 euros.

    do ya get it now? do ya? well, DO YA?

  18. ^^ Bullshit. Last time I yanked 400 euros, I didn’t even get £3 of ejaculate.

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