Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Parents Say the Darndest Things

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  1. I liked these ones. 😉 Please don’t judge me.

  2. this makes me so glad my parents are cool enought to NOT put stuff like this up. I would defriend them if they did.

  3. Why am I picturing Bridgette as a 22 year old trophy, with crispy blond hair, orange duck face, DDD fake rack, and Ed Hardy sparkly jeans?

    Crikey, she’s simultaneously the worst step mom in the world, and the dumbest thing to ever draw breath. Way to go, Bridgette’s husband. Your kid must be so pleased with your choice of spouse.

  4. One word – jealous.

    PS: Why is there always that one miserable person always voting *thumbs down*???

  5. Janice is right. That’s a very good indicator of how long it’s been…

    16 years old and a 34DDD! You guys might be jizzing in your pants at the thought, but that girl is in for a lot of hurt in the future. Actually, she’s probably already getting shoulder pain and back pain. I am so not jealous.

  6. Thank you lamebook for ideas on how to mortify my children when they are old enough.

  7. Awww, poor Janice… Hasnt gotten it in so long she cant fit the tampon in and desperately posts on fb… dont worry, Im sure one or two of her creepster friends will be sending her private messages after that

    I really feel bad for the kid… Not enough alcohol in the world to kill those thoughts

  8. Janice is definitely setting herself up for one of her kid’s friends. And if she can’t fit tampons in, then she probably needs to either use pads or see a gyno.

  9. I’ve got to say word that I am jealous. Jealous of a 16 year old! What’s a little back pain?

  10. Jam rags, Cherry, jam rags. It’s my new favourite term for pads. Thanks, mofo.

    curly, I remember you saying you had bigger boobs than the girl in that pterodactyl porn thing. If that’s true, then you don’t have to be jealous. You’re doing just fine.

  11. I knew a girl that developed huge breasts that early… she had a reduction before 18 and still has mammoth mammaries

  12. Thanks, word…after seeing that term, it looks like plain ol’ PB sandwiches from now on…

  13. Lol that really wasn’t anything to aspire to. Ahh pterodactyl porn memories. The things you learn on Lamebook 🙂

  14. Miss She, I had nearly the same picture of Bridgette. She instantly struck me as someone who would tell her stepson there was a totally hawt girl that wanted to hook up with him on FB.

    16 and a DDD – I feel sorry for her dad; that must make her very popular with the boys at school. Pops is gonna run out of places to stash bodies real quick.

  15. big boobs for life!

    well not for life.. but for another 15 or so years..
    then tube boobs for life!

  16. #15, are we really going to do this again?

  17. Tell me this then, is this you fucking around on these early posts?…

    January 5th, 2011 at 5:06 pm
    Her rack and legs look decent enough

  18. That was from the “Smell Her Fingers” post, by the way.

  19. are you arguing with yourself word?

  20. slim, no. Check the spelling and the links. I thought they’d stopped doing it, though, but they’re back. There is someone, however, commenting today under my exact name and link on some very early LB posts. Is it you, Uber Cocksucker? Quit it. It’s fucking dumb.

  21. Oh wow… so I have to be careful if I flirt… I checked the link… feces, thats as creative as they could get? thats lame… Well just remember, imitation is the sincerest for of flattery… although I think masturbation is the purest form of flattery

  22. 16 year old with triple D’s? As long as I got an all male jury, they’d never convict me, right?

  23. Yes, there can be too big. Lets hear it for firm though.

  24. @wordPERVERT nice song

  25. i had DDD’s in High School… its not fun

  26. I am dying at Jam Rags. Hahahaha, new phrase for them thank you so much for that.

  27. Jam Rag is for those pad things… she’s battering on about tampons so technically it’s a….. Claret Plug.

    Oh and 3 D’s?! That’s nothing my 16 year old daughter got 5 D’s, 2 E’s and an F…the brainless fuckwit retard. It’s a good job she’s got massive tits to help her get by.

  28. Since when is “E” a grade?

    In other news… why can’t I log in on Firefox?

  29. Why aren’t Tina’s daughter’s photos included?

    And is that photo of Bridgette or her stepson? Either way .. hmm..

  30. DDD? Wouldn’t that be an E?

    Maybe sizing is different in US/EU/AUS/Wherever poster is from, but I have never heard of triple D’s, and am intrigued.

  31. No, DD = E, DDD = F. But nice try. (I’m a G. Buying bras sucks!)

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