Friday, January 6, 2017

Cold Blooded, But Never Frozen

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  1. Love the irony that Lamebook is flat out sharing posts from Twitter now. The new content model could only last so long…

  2. I’m just disappointed that neither side provides any kind of evidence either way.

  3. MrLister wants proof that refrigerators exist? Okay then. Some people believe the world is flat, some thing evolution is a lie, other folk are convinced that only sheeple below in fridges…

  4. just as Nancy replied I am dazzled that any one can get paid $5487 in a few weeks on the internet

  5. The Beast Among Us

    ^^ And others believe they are very intelligent even when they write in an incoherent manner.

  6. I worked at Wendy’s in the 80’s. There patties are NOT frozen. Albeit, all spare patties at the end of the day, are used for their chili. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just cost containment.

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