Monday, August 23, 2010

Parking Space Grace

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  1. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    Fargis needs Jesus too.

  2. Fargis needs some 7ucking too.

  3. more like anal reaming.

  4. Hahahah! This is great. Religious debate in 3, 2, 1…

  5. It is an interesting if little know fact that Jesus Christ was actually a driving instructor for the premier driving school in Judea.

    98% of his pupils passed their tests first time, which was considered a miracle because Dead Sea Pedestrians are notoriously wank drivers.

  6. Who’s That Girl? Haven’t seen you on in a while. Glad to see you’re back.

    As for Fargis and Jesus, I think Jesus is with him every time he knocks one off.

  7. What’s with the backwards F?

  8. @ thatjennchick – some people write their “f’s” like that. I know. weird

  9. By writing the F backwards, you aren’t technically swearing since it isn’t written properly and thus proving that you have good Christian values. Obviously.

  10. Those women aren’t properly trained drivers. They HAVE to know men is the best drivers in the world. Silly.

  11. I wish I had a pad of paper like that in my car so I could pump out some bittersweet irony when I see people who park like wankers. It would be so awesome.

  12. (Enter reference about God and Jesus here)….

    (Enter reference about women drivers here)…

    Brought to you by the lovely deity Casshern….

    Quote… Eat bacon and die young, Eat fish and live forever!

  13. @ ria_rokz I totally agree, it would be awesome.

    Now let’s see howlong it takes before Fargis come and join this jezus madness here on Lamebook -.-

  14. @casshern, no, it’s eat fish and die of mercury poisoning.

  15. Well, I’m sure that Jesus would have been able to park between the lines properly.

  16. That’s how I write my “F”s. It’s kind of a cross between a cursive “F” and a printed one.

  17. Hmmm I think I’ve seen this before….
    Oh yeah, on my friend’s page! 😉 I can’t believe I didn’t think to submit this!!

  18. Dido with the ‘F’, areawoman.

  19. Fish is the best food ever. Hands down. I could eat it every day.

  20. Damn where’s fargis when you need him???

  21. Who's That Girl?

    Awww – thanks nuff! Nice to be missed. I’m always watching, just don’t have much time for commenting lately.

  22. Whoever poosted this needs to bozz on over to passiveaggressivenotes and put it on there

  23. haha…. poosted
    Ahem, *posted.

  24. There are actually little “business cards” preprinted to leave on people’s cars when they park like morons… I have some lol. They say “thank you for parking so close, next time leave a fucking can-opener so I can get into my car. Have a nice day asshole.” Of course, I’m classy like that…

  25. I usually write “I hope you park like you FUCK. That way, there won’t be any offspring”

  26. @ areawomen

    Well, it certainly was a cursive “F” in this case…

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