Monday, August 23, 2010

Type Negative

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  1. Michael is awesome.

  2. funny asian/english translations are funny but not lame. that’s for another website LB (yeah we’re tight enough now for me to refer to you as LB, aren’t we?)

  3. michael is a try hard bore (or should I say boar? heheh..heh..)

  4. These posts are whoreible indeed.

  5. I like whoreable women.

  6. Whoreible = Yikes!!!

    for asian/english translation, I love
    Cracks me up!!

  7. (Pops in, has a quick scan, grumbles about lack of quality, exits stage left)

  8. spelling error posts are usually meh

  9. Lol @ engrish !

  10. If Rachel was my friend I would hate her for being so whoreible, too. I wouldn’t feel comfortable on her couch or using her toilet. I would also be afraid that STDs she may catch could mutate and become airborne thus infecting me with some sort of super Syphillis-AIDS combo. Fuck that.

  11. “Whoreible”? … Whorebible? I think I’ve just invented a bible for whores!

  12. @episode

    The ten Whore Commandments

    1: Thou shalt sucketh the penis of men for dollars.
    2: Thou shalt allow anal for a bonus of $50.
    3: Covet thy neighbor’s husband, and her if she pays enough.
    4: Thou shalt not kill thy pimp unless he beats her and it would make a great Lifetime movie.
    5: Skirts that do not show thy cooter are not acceptable.
    6: No man shall suffer thou teeth on his cock whilst fellatiating him, so lose them bitches.

    Alright, I am bored.

  13. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    The 3rd one was stupid.

    @12 you’re BOARED.

  14. what i’m taking away with me:
    lessons about DANGEROUS SWINE!

  15. Maybe Tahnnee (assuming that is her name, she is unemployed and actually works for herself..) shoulded stayed in school.

  16. It’s not even lame anymore, because there are so many people out there who spell like that. 🙁

  17. @jelly
    at least tara’s using her sounds.

  18. I’m going to guess that Tahnee is listed as the employer because she is the spawn of the dumb arse that should have used her obvious smarts (sarcasm clearly) to avoid getting pregnant at her age. Then she wouldn’t have ‘lefted’ school.

    Tara makes me lol.

  19. Rachel fear not! All my ‘so called’ friends hate me too.

    This is easily rectified by borrowing money from them and then fucking them all off and buying new ones with the cash that has been appropriated from the last bunch of scrotum sucking morons.

  20. Lol, she pissed off her best friend and now she hates herself.

  21. What worries me somewhat is that my sister attended Lakelands Senior High, and I was due to go there before we moved back to the UK. It was the most convenient high school for the suburb we lived in at the time (Yangebup). I’m rather glad we moved, looking at this wonderful example of the teaching standards that can be found in the school.

  22. @eusadnama
    7:Thou shalt not be paid under $2
    With this, new whores shall not fail to be a whore!
    We’re on a way to become millionaires, man! Millionaires!

  23. Oh my gawd. I think I know Rachel. And Ben. My friend Rachel can’t spell to save her life. And that’s exactly how she’d spell horrible.

  24. Well, did Rachel piss you off lately, albino? Because if she didn’t, then it isn’t the right Rachel. Remember, she pissed off her only friend.

  25. What I got out of Rachel and Ben’s exchange is that her only friend happened to be dating Ben, Rachel slept with Ben, and Ben is trying to make her feel better about it because he got dumped and needs a new girl to poke.

  26. Dammit Michael I Love You!

  27. Aw man!
    Way to make Perth look bad Tahnee.
    Not sure it’s fair to blame that on the school. You only get out what you put in.

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